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A very important and thorough investigation into which Bachelorette contestants are actors.

Breaking news: Some contestants on The Bachelorette may be there ‘for the wrong reasons’.

We’re feeling shocked, devastated and betrayed.

We already know this year’s bachelorette Angie Kent has a history in entertainment: She made a name for herself on Gogglebox and entered the South African jungle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! before beginning her bachie journey, but what if we told you she’s not the only one on the show with an interest in showbusiness?

It turns out a few of the men we’re watching compete for her heart have a history (or want to have a future) in acting and… we simply must investigate.

Let’s begin with Carlin (and his face), who you may have seen get a bit of extra screen time during the ad breaks courtesy of his appearance in Tramps the Store ads.

carlin the bachelorettecarlin the bachelorette

Also he 100% reused the free suit he got from the ad's fake wedding photo shoot for his Bachelorette red carpet debut, and we admire his thriftiness.

carlin the bachelorette
He just fixed his collar and changed a pocket square ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Daily Mail reckon Carlin, whose occupation is listed as 'personal trainer' on the show, removed 'actor' from his Instagram bio and deleted a fan Facebook page before the series premiere.

He also removed his StarNow profile, used to advertise himself to casting agents.


As well as the Tramps campaign, Carlin's also appeared in a number of other ads including a 2017 Isuzu ad.

carlin the bachelorette
Just know that as he runs down the beach, "YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAAAY" plays in the background

Carlin's obviously trying to put his shirtless beach running days behind him, because he's now a very serious actor with an IMDB page.

"Carlin is an Australian actor auditioning for leading roles around the world," his bio reads. Please, tell us more.

"He has recently wrapped post production pick ups of the Australian feature film Out of the Woods as the lead... Carlin's career took a bright turn after a guest role appearance on NBC's pilot season of CAMP in 2013. Going forward to work on larger productions such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Australian TV series The Strange Calls and Reef Doctors and the retold story Australian Feature Fatal Honeymoon."

carlin the bachelorette
Carlin on set of Out Of The Woods. Image: @charisjoyjackson.

So yes. Carlin is definitely an actor. Now, actors are also allowed to find love on a reality TV series so we can't assume he's been planted there.

It's just interesting context to keep in mind, okay. Especially because... THERE'S MORE.

Everybody's favourite British fashion icon Ciarran also has a StarNow profile, where he lists himself as an actor, extra and model.

ciarran bachelorette
We spy some new neck tattoos

The word 'actor' may be aspirational, because his profile also says he has no previous acting experience. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That's disappointing because it means this investigation is unable to put red circles around him in the background of photos for dramatic effect.

But to make up for that, we present a video of his short-haired past self dancing at a Darwin gay bar and an equally as dramatic arrow:


ciarran the bachelorette
How good

Perhaps the most shocking maybe-actor is fireman Jamie, who has certainly received a lot of attention for his... intense behaviour.

An anonymous source has been making the rounds, telling NW he may be a paid actor.

"Back in high school, he was obsessed with acting," an 'insider' who supposedly grew up with Jamie told the magazine.


"A couple of our mutual mates bumped into him in early 2018 in Sydney and he told them he was on his way to an acting class."

I mean... maybe that's suss. Maybe it's not. But it would be a welcome relief to find out Jamie was putting it all on for the cameras.

Now besides actors, there's also plenty of models - real ones and Insta ones - in the bachie mansion, including BMX rider and feminist hero Matt Whyatt.

The Nitro Circus performer also has plenty of modelling cred, facing campaigns for Superdry and Dixxon Flannels.


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Though Timm is pretty busy picking sunflowers, getting lost and peeing in the bush, the Melbourne fireproofer has also found time to model (but he hasn't uploaded any to Insta, so you can view them here).

Our conclusion? We have absolutely no idea if anyone has been planted in the mansion, but we're sure that at least one of these men will be on Neighbours or Home and Away within the year.