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EXCLUSIVE: Last night's Bachelorette fight was much "more intense" than what viewers saw.



On last night’s premiere episode of The Bachelorette, we met 18 eligible bachelors who would like a) Ali Oetjen‘s heart and b) some more Instagram followers.

In a bid for screen time, two men got into a heated argument, which even involved physical contact. 

Goodness. Osher would be so horrified.

Paddy, a British guy who describes himself as ‘cheeky’ and appears to lose his accent the more he drinks, confronted Nathan, who loves night clubbing and the gym, about some bitchin’ that had been going on.

Look. The story line doesn’t matter. But what ended up happening was that Nathan pushed him away, and 42-year-old Damien had to get involved.

Speaking to Mamamia, eliminated contestant Brendan said, “You know what? That night in real life when it was actually happening was probably more intense than what played out. Last night’s episode if anything was a toned down version of the night.”

OMG, Brendan. Please, tell us how.

We unpack everything from Ali’s latest week in the mansion on our Bach Chat podcast. Post continues after audio. 

“The best way I can describe it is, can’t remember where I heard this, but men would rather be respected than loved. And that was well on display that night, where pride is on the line and that caused, I feel, a lot of that bravado to come out.”


How… insightful.

“I think the Damien dynamic also played a huge part into how the blokes acted,” Brendan explained, “they reacted to having a guy so much older than them.”

Paddy, only 27, did not react well on Wednesday night’s episode when Damien suggested he watch the way he speak about Ali because it was bordering on disrespectful.

He also stepped in when 23-year-old Nathan got riled up, a carpenter who is young enough to be Damien’s son.

“Damien is super smart… both intelligent and emotionally wise,” Brendan said. “He’s an impressive bloke, the stuff he’s achieved and what he’s done. I think that definitely intimidated some of the younger guys.”

Damien is a retreat director, has been on the cover of ‘Men’s Health’ magazine and runs a charity helping victims of domestic abuse.

“A psychiatrist would have an absolute field day,” he laughed, in regards to the bizarre dynamics between the men in the house.

He also added that the cocktail party went for approximately 11 hours, with the men arriving when it was still daylight (around 5pm) and the night concluding at 4:30am.