You're more likely to find a best friend than a boyfriend in The Bachelor mansion.

When you’re stuck in a house with 22 women, competing for the love and affection of one guy, things can get a little… tense.

The 2016 season of The Bachelor has delivered plenty of drama and stories about bitter rivalries and in-house feuds than you can poke a stick at.

But here’s the forgotten part of The Bachelor (and, yes, The Bachelorette) that we should all be remembering right about now: you’re more likely to find a best friend than a boyfriend on the show.

As this season’s contestants are eliminated one by one, and get custody back of their phones and start posting to Instagram, true alliances are being revealed.

The latest in a long line of BFF pairings? Olena and the woman she was closest to in the Bachelor mansion, intruder Stephanie.

Taking my bubbles out for dinner ???? @olenakhamula

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Take one look at Stephanie’s latest Instagram feed and it’s obvious the duo’s friendship has continued off-screen. You’ll see plenty of tributes to her new “BFF”, whom she nicknames “Bubbles.”

Of course, Olena and Stephanie aren’t the only ones to emerge from the series with a new beloved friend.

The close relationship between Bachelor evictees Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon has made countless headlines over the past month, with the women sharing countless photos of their adventures.

"There are many things I love, but here is one," Megan wrote. Image via Instagram.

Even the duos that don't seem particularly close on the program can develop into friends off-screen.

Despite getting off a frosty start on the show (remember that totally awkward 1950s-themed photoshoot?), Sasha jumped to the defence of 2016 'villain' Keira Maguire following her departure from the show.

Keira Maguire and ex-contestant Lisa Hyde. Image via Instagram.

"In real life she is a sweetheart," she told The Herald Sun.

"I am good friends with her. She is a great person and I know a different side of her from what the public can see."

Keira Maguire and Sasha Zhuravlyova. Image via Instagram.

Keira isn't the only person from the show Sasha counts as a close friend; Instagram snaps show she is besties with Laura Williams.

There's a long history of Bachie besties stemming from the previous seasons of the show.

Laura Williams and Sasha Zhuravlyova. Image via Instagram.

Remember Sam Frost and Lisa Hyde?

Or Sasha Mielczarek and plumber Dave Billsborrow?

Heather Maltman and Sarah Mackay?

Just goes to show that when romance fails to blossom, sometimes friendship blooms instead.

Click through the gallery below for all our favourite Bachelor Besties.

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