One of The Bachelor couples is getting a spin off show.

Another day, another reason we need to take some inspo from the US Bachelor.

Because not only do they have ALL the crazy ladies and men, all the money to blow on dates, and all the sex on set, now one of their couples is getting a spin off show.

Ben Higgins, who was the show’s 20th Bachelor, and his chosen rose-holderer Lauren Bushnell are set to star in their very own reality show, aptly called Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After. 

Damn, damn, damn. Another way the US Bachelor is better. Laura and Monz discuss it on the latest episode of The Binge:

The show will ‘let people into their lives’ of the newly engaged couple. It will follow Ben as he pursues his career in politics and Lauren as she works as an interior designer.

Come on Australia. If Brynne Edelston can get a show up, and if Gina Liano can get a Judge Judy style show off the ground, surely we can have a spin off of bach?

Tim and Anna. Snez and Sam. Sam and Sasha. Blake and….Oh, wait.

Sasha and Sam,  10/10 would watch. Image via Instagram

On the latest episode of The Binge, Laura Brodnik and Monique Bowley went head to head about who they think would make the best reality TV couple.

While Monz was all for Tim and Anna, the original beautiful Bachelor couple, Laura thought that Sam and Sash would be a little more interesting to watch.

Anna and Tim, from season one. Image via Instagram

What would be your vote?

Listen to the latest episode of The Binge here, it's all the TV talk. This week, the Offspring verdict, Gilmore Girls drops all shows on Netflix, and the latest Aussie dramas you really need to watch:

Which Bachie couple would you like to see have their own spin-off show?