The Bachelor for Babysitters is a pervy, drama-filled parody for parents.

Have you ever been primped, preened and pumped up for date night, only to have your babysitter cancel at the last minute?

Do you go through nannies like toilet paper, discarding them if they can’t work weekends or (god forbid) they thought a crusty Vegemite sanga was up to scratch for an after-school snack?

Have you ever set the nanny cam up to get a pervy look at what your babysitter is getting up to when you’re not around?

Grab your sippy cup and top it up with wine, you need to watch The Babysitter, a parody of The Bachelor where women compete to be a babysitter to Brooke’s two children.

Watch the video in its full glory here:

The viral video comes from the hilarious women at What’sUpMoms in the US and the fake show already has a cult following, even though a) it’s just a promo and b) well, you know, it’s not real.

It perfectly parodies the reality dating show, from the women stepping out of the cars, to group challenges and rose ceremonies. Albeit with just a few small tweaks.

Juice boxes replace champers. Sippy cups are handed out instead of roses. Mini vans oust limos. And women with accents are the new hot girls. Oh wait…

Olena would be perfect for Richie, if only he could decipher her accent. Image: Channel 10.

Some things never change.

And don't worry, there's still all the juicy, juicy drama ya'll came for.

"Can I steal you?"

"I'm not here to make friends."

And of course, plenty of mentions of the word 'journey.'

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Just imagine how good the challenges would be. Dirty nappy races, a Lego obstacle course, impersonating mums at parent teacher interviews. Robot babies? Please. This is not amateur hour.

It would be one of those escapist 'gee I'm glad I'm not them' shows. Like I'm a Celebrity. Or The Walking Dead.

We're campaigning for What'sUpMoms to turn this into a full blown series. We're just dying to know who Brooke chooses now that Sarah M is out of the running. But until then, the closest we'll get will probably be a single dad Bachelor, looking for someone to help out on trips to the park.

Do you have a hilarious nanny story that would be right at home on The Babysitter? Let us know in the comments or call the pod phone on 02 8999 93 86 and leave a message. 

Listen to the full episode of This Glorious Mess here:

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