Bachelor winners have a secret weapon - their children.

It was one of the most dramatic finale’s in the the Bachelor Australia’s short history, with much of Australia waking with a broken heart and an emotional hangover.

But as the sun rises and the dust settles, one thing becomes glaringly obvious: The Bachelor boys love single mums and their very own instant family.

It all started with trend setter and show host Osher Gunsberg.

 In August last year, Gunsberg went public with girlfriend, and now fiance, make up artist Audrey Griffen who has a young daughter of her own.

“What they don’t tell you about dating a woman with a kid is that you fall in love with the woman and then you end up falling in love with the kid as well,” he told Mia Freedman for her No Filter podcast.

Next came Sam Wood.  The Bachelor 2015 fell for Snezana Markoski, a single-mum from Perth with an 11-year-old daughter Eve. The rest of course, is reality TV history. They’re engaged, Snez has moved to Melbourne, and Sam takes Eve out to play tennis and shoot hoops.

After school pick up and hoops with this lil legend #fullgangsta #withseatbeltsofcourse

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Last night, Richie broke Australia’s Nikki’s heart, choosing 25-year-old Alex Nation to be his chosen lady. And Alex? Well, Alex is a single mum too.
Despite their obvious love for each other, Alex admits Richie has yet to meet her son Elijah,5.

“There’s definitely no rush to introduce them. It’s about us being together and laying those foundations first,” she told Mamamia yesterday.

 It’s a meeting Richie looks forward to, telling Kyle and Jackie O this morning that although he hasn’t met Elijah, he has seen a heap of photos.

Listen to what Lana Jeavons-Fellows had to say about the single mum trend. Post continues after audio.

“I’m looking forward to that,” said Richie. “I’ve been privy to lots of really cool Snapchats of the guy.”

 So what does it all mean? Lana Jeavons-Fellows, a contestant form Sam Wood’s season might be onto something.  Jeavons-Fellows told Mamamia’s Bach Chat podcast, if a single mum makes it close to the end, then chances are she has it in the bag.
“Well, initially I thought it was Nikki. The fact that I’ve been in the final two before and it has gone to a single mum, I feel like it’s going to be Alex.

“When it was Snez in the final, I thought if Sam wasn’t genuine about her, he wouldn’t bring her all the way to the end. She’s giving up so much more to be here. If he wasn’t serious about her, he should let her go home to her daughter. I feel the same with Alex. If Richie wasn’t serious, he would let her go home to her son.”

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