The truth about life in the Bachie mansion: It's not as 'third world' as is being claimed.

There were very, very serious reports this week that the Bachelorettes are doing it tough inside the walls of their multi-million dollar mansion.

Yes, there are cocktail parties; yes, transport is usually via helicopter or vintage automobile; yes, there’s a delightful instant boyfriend at their disposal. BUT according to number of “well-placed insiders” quoted by The Daily Mail, it’s also a little bit shit sometimes.

The beds, they said, are uncomfortable and only single-sized, the coffee pods are rationed and avocados are only dished out at a rate of two-thirds of an avo per person per week.

And forget sourcing that other third from home, because the sources claim that food packages from family are banned (with the exception of protein bars, of course; those are fine).

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But that’s nothing compared to this doozy.

Get this – according to The Daily Mail, the gym equipment is apparently so sub-par that the poor ladies were forced to BRING THEIR OWN WEIGHTS FROM HOME!

Breathe, Matty J. Breathe.

To make sure we didn't have to call the police or the government or whichever agency rescues allegedly ill-treated reality TV cotenstants, we checked with Channel 10.

And thank heavens we did, because turns out it's all "entirely false".

(To think we would have gone busting in there and robbed Matty J of his much-deserved second chance at love! And Osher. Osher LOVES that job.)

Former winner Snezana Markoski also confirmed that there's no need to panic, that she definitely "did get a full avocado" while filming the 2016 season.

“Do you know what, you’re living in this huge mansion and you're given food and everything like that," the happily engaged 36-year-old told Hughesy and Kate on KIIS FM yesterday.

"Just because you don’t have your creature comforts and everything doesn’t mean you’re living in third-world conditions.”