Newly eliminated Bachelor contestant Kiki shares her first Instagram picture in over six months.

Booted Bachelor contestant Kiki Morris has assured fans post-show life is everything she wanted.

Are we surprised?

The girl pretty much sweats #confidencegoals.

Morris told fans on Instagram she was “breathing in a new perspective” and wanted to thank “family, friends and my girls”.

Fans commended Morris for her time on the show and expressed disbelief at her elimination.

“Bra can’t believe u (sic) got sent home,” one user said.

Bra, me neither – she is hot and blonde.

“Don’t worry Kiki your (sic) above Richie to be fair,” another user said.

Mm. Big call. Richie does like some good ol’ cliff suspension.

The 28-year-old model has already made good use of the press circuit to deliver some bang-up interviews.

Love the Bach so much you can’t help but talk about it? Us too.

Morris told Sunshine Coast Daily she contemplated leaving and she has a beef with our mate Keira.


“I was thinking about leaving at one point,” she said.

“But a little voice in my head said ‘you’ve gone so far; what about all the other girls who would have loved to be in your position?'”

Knowing you’ve lost but continuing to give it a red hot go? That’s some Aussie sportsmanship right there.

Is her source of power the sun? The boom mic? Source: The Bachelor/Screenshot.

The model also said she'd like to "bury the hatchet" with Keira after she read some comments in post-show interviews that got under her skin.

"She messaged me while the show had been airing and said let's catch up," Morris said.

"I'm a very diplomatic person so I had coffee with her. But since then I read an article with her saying I was the nasty girl in the house and I was very difficult to live with."

"That got under my skin a bit. I want to forgive and forget, so once show finishes I hope we can bury the hatchet once and for all."

I hope so too because you guys need to team up for a motivational tour while everyone still knows who you are.

Potential campaign slogans:

"Bed, bed, bed, bed is for people who don't want success?"

You're welcome.