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Oh, hello. We just spotted two stars from Bachelor in Paradise flirting on Instagram.

Excuse us while we quietly freak out, because it looks as though Michael Turnbull and Lisa Hyde from Bachelor In Paradise have found love. With each other.

It all started when Michael, 36, shared a photo from the show on Instagram on Tuesday, showing Lisa, 27, giving him some serious heart eyes.

“Watching all the drama like…” he captioned the photo, adding a cocktail emoji.

Well, plot twist, Michael, because we’re watching you. Specifically, you and Lisa.

Watching all the drama like… [email protected] @lisahyde_ #bachelorinparadiseau

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Lisa didn’t do much to quieten the rumours, commenting, “Giving you the sneaky wink haha.”

And then Michael responded with a RED LOVE HEART EMOJI, so clearly they’re in love and they’re going to get married and have all the babies.

Their flirty interaction didn’t slip past fans either, with many commenting about how they are so down for a Michael-Lisa romance.

“Michael and Lisa sitting in a tree…” wrote one particularly mature fan.

“Lisa and Michael would be a great couple,” commented somebody else.

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Someone even commented “#TeamLisaHyde” – please, tell us how you really feel.

And the chances of the two of them being in a serious relationship are high, with Michael cryptically telling OK! magazine, as reported by Daily Mail, he was “very happy with the outcome” of Bachelor In Paradise.

Hmm, okay. That’s basically translation for, “I took a momentary break from kissing Lisa just to tell you how ridiculously loved up and happy I am.” Or something like that.

Whether these two are actually together in real life, we don’t know for sure, but just the idea of it is giving us life right now. Make it happen, you two.

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