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1. Um. There’s a rumour that Richie is only on Bachelor in Paradise to get “revenge” on Alex.


This could get very interesting.

As we discovered last week, it seems Bachie exes Richie Strahan and Alex Nation are about to be reunited on Bachelor in Paradise.

And you know what that means, there’s definitely some drama on the way.

Things could get awkward... Image: Getty.

Rumours have even began to swirl about former Bachelor Richie's intentions for going on the reality show.

"He flew off determined there was no chance he was going to weaken again. Time is a great healer and his plan was to be as polite and courteous to Alex as possible," a friend of Richie's reportedly told New Idea.

But while one friend insists Richie plans to be polite, another has suggested he's heading into paradise for revenge...

Speaking to NW Magazinean "insider" reportedly said: "Richie was no doubt heartbroken when Alex moved on so quickly with Maegen. It's crossed some people's minds that he might hatch a plan to get back at Alex."

We're getting very excited for season two now.

2. Married At First Sight exes Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer might be back together after all.

Carly and Troy Married at First Sight
Carly and Troy ended their relationship three months ago. Image: Instagram.


It seems Married At First Sight exes Todd Delmege and Carly Bowyer might actually be back together after all.

In video footage shared by the Daily Mail, the former reality stars were seen kissing on the dance floor at the Maxim Hot 100 party in Sydney on Friday night.

You can catch a glimpse of the footage right here.

"They both seemed really drunk but it was a sweet moment," a fellow attendee of the Maxim party reportedly told the publication.

"They were laughing and flirting all night and only had eyes for each other."

Troy and Carly split in August after dating for nine months.

"Troy, my darling, you are something special," Carly wrote on Instagram at the time of the split.

"You're my best friend and I will always be here for you. It's the end of this chapter but it's not goodbye."

3. We know what Todd did with the $9K engagement ring he planned to propose to Ali with.

When Todd King went in a guns-blazing and engagement ring in hand to profess his love to Bachelorette Ali Oetjen, he left with a broken heart.

But that still doesn't solve the mystery of the $9000, white gold and round-cut diamond ring from Australian brand Dracakis Jewellers.

Well, speaking to NW Magazine, Todd shared his simple three word answer, to the question we've all been wondering.

"I hocked it!" he said and well... yep fair enough.

Todd ring Bachelorette
The $9000 sparkler. Image: Channel 10.

Despite the stunning jewel, Ali picked Taite Radley to be her Bachelorette winner, who then gifted her a $2,500 infinity promise ring, leaving poor Todd in tears.

However, since his Bachie loss, the 26-year-old sales representative is in no short supply of prospective women who would gladly compete to be Mrs Todd King... and um, we would also like to throw our name in the hat.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker says starring in Sex and the City was like being held "hostage".

Ahh, Sex and the City - the TV program which, for a lot of us out there, has maintained its status in our lives as bit of a bible despite its years off the air.

For its time the TV show was iconic for breaking stigma surrounding female sexuality - and while it pains us to admit this, a lot of the love-life situations Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie found herself in were oh-so relatable (without the countless pairs of Manolos, of course).

Sure - Carrie's actions annoyed us from time-to-time (like when she abruptly asked Charlotte why she wouldn't offer to pay off her debts), and we were almost always left wondering how a freelance sex writer could afford all those damn shoes - but we can't imagine the New York City sex columnist and shoe fanatic any other way, played by anyone other than SJP.

carrie-bradshaw curly hair

Well for a moment there, she almost wasn't.

Yes, that's right - Sarah Jessica Parker as the one and only Carrie Bradshaw almost never happened.


The 53-year-old actress recently revealed she was reluctant to sign on to the SATC cast amid fears the show would "consume her life".

“I panicked and I was like, ‘I want to maintain my life. I like doing a few plays a year and a movie, and maybe a TV movie of the week,’” she explained on the Origins podcast.

Parker went on to explain that she had a difficult time adjusting to the gruelling schedule that comes hand-in-hand with a career in television.

“All of a sudden it felt like somebody was holding me hostage or something or there just were these limitations which felt very suffocating,” she said.

Fast-forward two decades, and Carrie, sorry we mean Sarah, is barely recognisable as any other character.

5. Oh no. We have a sign things don't go to plan in Paradise for Brooke Blurton.

Gather in friends, we have some very important bachie goss to share.


Brooke Blurton, who famously made the Honey Badger’s Bachelor top three before she walked out on him, has been engaging in some very suspicious social media activity.

And uh, it has probably given away how her appearance on season two of Bachelor in Paradise went down.


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the fringe was a good idea at the time, but telling you now, this thing can’t be tamed ????????‍♀️

A post shared by B R O O K E B L U R T O N (@b_rooklynb) on

Just 10 days after landing in Fiji to join the cast of the show, the 23-year-old youth worker has posted a selfie on her Instagram story and damn it, does this mean what we think it means?

Given the 'no social media' rule applied to contestants while filming the show, Brooke's activity suggests she didn't find love on her second reality TV stint.

The Daily Mail reported that Network Ten could be uploading old pictures to throw viewers off the scent... But then again, she also followed fellow Paradise contestant Alex Nation who she would've met in Fiji. A very telling sign, we thinks.

There are other signs which proves that the Bachelor-favourite does not find love in Paradise and you catch up on that via our earlier article here.

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