Bachelor In Paradise's Nina describes the behind-the-scenes side to Daniel we didn't see.

Oh, Canadian Daniel. You were only on our screens for two nights but you made quite the impression.

“The most revolting Bachelor ever,” fans called you, while Twitter was awash with adjectives like “creepy”, “slimy” and yes, even, “sex pest”.

But the most recently departed Bachelor In Paradise contestant, Nina Rolleston – yes, the one that went on THAT spa date with Daniel – says there is a whole other side to the Canadian reality star the viewers didn’t get to see.

Watch: Relive Daniel and Nina’s ‘steamy’ date on Bachelor In Paradise.

Video via Channel 10

Speaking to Now To Love, the 30-year-old from Brisbane described the North American intruder as “a beautiful person” and said there was a lot the audience didn’t get to see of his personality.

“Our single date ended up in an emergency evacuation because of the weather. It took about four to six hours to evacuate that property that we were stuck on,” Nina said.


“It was actually quite serious! All that time was off camera and I just got to see the real Daniel and he’s such a beautiful person and we connected on so many levels.”

She did say, however, that watching the episodes that Daniel featured in, and seeing how he interacted and spoke to the other contestants was “hard to watch”.

“I spent most of that episode in tears and many abusive text messages were sent to Daniel. I probably know Daniel better than anybody in Paradise,” she said.

“Seeing those comments and conversations that he had with other people really affected me. We spoke for probably three or four hours dissecting that and we really do have an incredible level of respect for each other.

“I think a lot of the stuff that he says is taken out of context and his humour is quite hard to read and I don’t think it comes across on camera the way it’s actually said.

“It was very, very hard to watch it but I do feel like the person I met in Paradise is still a really beautiful man.”

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While she did mention that it’s been hard for her to keep in touch with her ex, Eden, on an online special after the rose ceremony she told Osher she and Daniel were still very much friends.

“We’ve definitely been in contact,” she told the Bachelor host.

“We speak a couple of times a week…that friendship is there.”

And despite Daniel’s ‘flirtatious’ nature, Nina maintains the 32-year-old “respected her values”.

Perhaps there’s a Bachelor In Paradise love story for Nina after all?