Keira is "ropeable" that the real reason she fought with Grant wasn't aired on BIP.

Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise was a doozy: Queen Lenora left the show, we were totally clickbaited with a bisexual romance and Keira had a complete meltdown when she discovered American ‘intruder’ Grant had warned Jarrod about their relationship.

The 31-year-old was rather unhappy when she learned Grant had informed Jarrod she was “stringing him along” for the sole purpose of staying in the competition.

But as the show went to air, the 31-year-old shared the real story behind her argument with Grant, claiming the real reason behind her anger never made it to air.

“I’m a little bit pissed off about that episode,” she told her 72,000 followers in a video that has since been removed from her Instagram stories.

Watch: Keira shares the real story behind her argument with Grant.

She claimed the producers had “missed out a few things” including the fact that Grant had pulled her aside “when there were no cameras or anything” and “abused her” about her decision to send Canadian Daniel – Grant’s friend – home.

“And he goes out of his way and was not only telling Jarrod that I didn’t like him, but he said to Jarrod that I didn’t like kissing him,” she continued.

“They didn’t show that, which really upsets me because that was the thing that really annoyed me. I’m just so upset that they didn’t show what actually happened.”

Grant Kemp Bachelor In Paradise fight with Keira
Keira said the real reason behind her fight with Grant didn't make it to air. Image via Channel 10.

Keira added she was "ropeable" and "so annoyed" at the way the argument had been edited.

"It made me look like I was overreacting about something and it just, I don't know, it really annoys me," she finished.

While the video rant has since disappeared from her Instagram page, another post she shared - which reads, "worst edit ever - whoever edited that ep should be fired" - remains.

Keira Instagram post Bachelor In Paradise editing
Image via Instagram.

Fans were quick to offer words of support for the Bachelor In Paradise star.


"I'm so sorry for what the editors had done. Disappointed in the show for making you seem like a 'drama queen' when you really not," one wrote.

Jessie Stephens points out the big problem with Bachelor In Paradise so far. Post continues after audio. 

Another added: "Doesn't surprise me they didn't air what actually happened."

Keira's revelation comes just a day after eliminated contestant Blake Colman revealed there was a whole romance between him and Megan Marx that viewers didn't get to see.

Thank you all! ❤️ Leaving this island was very hard for me... The friendships and memories i have made will never be forgotten and something I will cherish forever. It makes me soo happy to see so many friends couple up and happy with each other, unfortunately that did not happen to me but there is always Bachelor In Paradise Season Two or even a future Bachelor ???? A couple things I wish made to edit... 1) @jarrodwoodgate and I had a great chat mending the past, I apologised for being a dick, he forgave and we moved onto becoming good friends, i am so happy on the result of tonights rose ceremony for you bro! 2) @grant_kemp and I bro’ing up having epic time chillin and that dope chat we had down near the water. 3) Lenora licking a cane toad ???? 4) The good times i spent with @megan.leto.marx , i have never felt what i felt when we hung out and i want to thank you for showing me how to truly love another person again, i know you had a tough decision and although i broke down in my next day interviews because i missed you already, i totally respect your choice because i know Jakey will def make you happy as he is such a legend of a man. 5) All of the amazing chats i had with everyone especially @samual.cochrane @jakeellis86 @michael.d.turnbull @lisahyde_ @tarapavlovic @alioetjen @luke.mcleod @yallintrouble @mackane.reid @megan.leto.marx @ninarolleston @leahpcosta whether it was about life, decisions, lust or love. Bachy in Paradise is the perfect place to find your special one and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to be apart of it. Now back to reality working at @aloha.surfhouse , saving lives with @happiness__co , shooting vlogs daily and giving all of you amazing humans some epic Lenora merch starting this week ???? Peace out homies, I love you all and lets love one another ????

A post shared by My Name Is Jeff???? (@blakecolman) on Apr 9, 2018 at 6:09am PDT

"We had a really good chat straight up, but we just started spending a lot of time together," Blake told Mamamia after his elimination from the show.

"We just got along together so well, and I wasn't expecting it. I poured my heart out at that [final] cocktail party and [there were] a lot of boys who said 'just give him a chance', but she had a tough decision."