We asked Bachelor in Paradise's Jake what EXACTLY happened with Florence before the show.

It’s perhaps the biggest mystery of our time: What happened between Bachelor in Paradise‘s Jake Ellis and Florence Moerenhout before they both turned up in Osher’s commune?

From the moment they arrived in Fiji, all we’ve been told is some really vague details about how they hooked up (did you kiss? Or did you have sex? This is important) and then it fizzled out. But did it fizzle? Or did Jake a lil bit ghost Florence? Because that would explain her uncontrollable anger and also her flippant use of the word ‘sociopath’.

Speaking to Jake on Wednesday morning, I asked for a play-by-play of what went down between he and Florence before they entered the show. While he laughed at the term ‘play-by-play,’ I remained straight-faced, because Jake, pls, this is no laughing matter. You see, I’m a real journalist, and it’s my job to ask the real questions.

“Look, Florence and I, we started chatting, um, I guess through social media just after her season, just a bit of back and forth, you know banter and laughs,” he said.

“She’s got a good sense of humour so that’s why we got along.

“Then we met up in Perth once after we did a charity Family Feud, and then, yeah, we continued to talk for a bit after that, but it just got to the point where, you know, we just weren’t right for each other.”



If. You. Weren’t. Right. For. Each. Other. Why. Did. You. Hook. Up. With. Her. In. PARADISE?

“I guess we didn’t mesh as well as you’d like, and yeah we sort of left it at that point and you know… obviously we left it on not as good terms as I thought we had,” he said.


Baffled, but ultimately committed to being an investigative journalist, I asked who broke it off.

“Well it wasn’t really a… like we weren’t together, we weren’t really dating, we were just talking and then just going with it from there,” he said.

We debrief on ALL the biggest talking points from last night’s episode, on our Bach Chat podcast. Post continues after audio. 

“But I think… I don’t really remember the specifics, but Florence was going overseas and we did have a few disagreements and things so we both sort of just left it and stopped talking I think maybe like two months before paradise started.”

So… when Jake arrived on Bachelor in Paradise, did he know straight away it wouldn’t work with Florence? Was he just… winning her over so he could get a rose?

“As you could see when I walked in I was very excited and going with the flow… it was good to see a familiar face, and you know I definitely fought for that time with her to see whether there was still something there or if we’d run our course,” he said.

“Obviously there was drama at the start, being in a love triangle with one of my best mates Davey which I really didn’t like being in, and we had our date, and it definitely wasn’t the same.

“As you could see it was that little bit of awkward, and there was a lot of tension there and I feel like it was just something we couldn’t get past.”

We didn’t think the date looked awkward but okay.

This doesn't look that... awkward.

So just to clarify:

Before the show started Jake was pretty sure it wouldn't work with Florence, but when he saw her in paradise, he thought he'd just make sure. In the very same week she had the power to send him home.

Then given the opportunity, he sent her home, even though in an interview with Mamamia, he admitted he didn't really have to.


My highly sophisticated investigative journalist senses are leaving me with two words:

Slither slither.


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