Bachelor in Paradise's Ivan just crossed the line from stage five clinger to terrifyingly obsessed.

“She’s mine.”

“You should be afraid to speak to her.”

“He needs to stop playing with my things.”

This is not the language of someone in a healthy relationship.

Nor is it the innocent utterings of someone with a “harmless crush”.

This is a sign that whoever is the subject of such remarks should run.

We’re talking about Bachelor in Paradise’s Ivan, whose interest in Tenille surpassed slightly clingy to full blown terrifying in tonight’s episode.

When Australia first met Ivan Krslovic on The Bachelorette – he was painted as a loveable goofball who lived to dance and didn’t understand the anatomy of an avocado.

He was the guy no one took very seriously. The comic relief.

Until now.

Ivan’s behaviour towards Tenille – who he openly refers to as his “property” – has become a grave concern for viewers.

Fuelled by jealousy and rage towards her other suitors, his behaviour has rendered the other male contestants afraid to speak to Tenille for fear of a physical altercation.

But after an entire episode of Ivan circling like a shark, throwing a tantrum whenever Tenille speaks, looks or even breathes near another man… Tenille gives her rose to… Ivan


Because he gyrated on her leg so aggressively she could very well be pregnant.

Not to mention it was front of everyone, as though he was… marking his territory.

Not only did the cringeworthy public display add to his growing list of problematic actions, he has ruined dancing for us.

No, really. It was the most offensive display of “dancing” we’ve ever seen in our lives and our eyes will be forever be unclean.

It also felt… inappropriate for prime time television:


Here's how Twitter reacted to the scary side of Ivan and the least sexy lap dance in the history of humankind:










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