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This year's Bachelor In Paradise guys are a little bit... same-y.

If the guys from this year’s Bachelor In Paradise were in a line-up, we’re not entirely convinced we’d be able to pick any of them out. If we’re being honest here… they are literally all the same person.

Not only do they all pretty much have dark, carefully tousled hair, they’ve all gone for that slightly unshaven, scruffy look and shirts that don’t quite cover their bronzed man bodies.

Also, did they all go on a group shopping excursion to General Pants Co. before flying out to Fiji? We swear they’re working with one shared wardrobe here – graphic print boardshorts and loose singlet tops with deep V-necks.

Bachelor In Paradise
Was there a sale on tank tops? Images: Channel 10.

Oh, and when they're not wearing boardshorts and said tank tops, they're dressed in white shirts and khaki pants, because that's what the cool kids are wearing now.

Okay, we get it's Fiji, and it's tropical and stuff, but is there some sort of an unofficial uniform all men must wear when in Fiji?

And we weren't the only ones to notice the similarities. Fans were quick to point it out on Twitter, too:


It's like some weird science experiment. Is this what cloning is? Holy sh*t, is this the future?

Bachelor In Paradise
Osher didn't get the memo on white shirts. Image: Channel 10.

It's early days, but we're pretty sure they all have matching personalities, too.

Can someone please tie different coloured ribbons around their wrists so we can tell them all apart, because we're having a really hard time with it right now.

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