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He has a... twin: Everything you need to know about Glenn from Bach in Paradise, immediately.

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OK. We need to talk about Glenn from Bachelor in Paradise

If you didn't recognise the 32-year-old at first, you're not alone. A lot of us a little bit... forgot about darling Glenn. But now he's back with his face and his eyes and of course his lovely personality and we need more information immediately. 

The most critical detail is the following:

There is more than one Glenn.

Well, not technically, but point is Glenn has a twin brother named Neil and SIR ARE YOU SINGLE BECAUSE PARADISE NEEDS YOU. 


According to the 10 minutes I just spent on Instagram, Neil is a Channel 7 cameraman and also looks exactly like Glenn. 

But unfortunately (or fortunately for Neil), it would appear Neil is taken, so will not be appearing in Fiji anytime soon. 

Here are just a bunch more photos of them. 


Glenn was on Angie Kent's Bachelorette season.


HE. Image: Channel 10.  


WAS. Image: Channel 10.  


THERE. Image: Channel 10.  

THE. Image: Channel 10.  


WHOLE. Image: Channel 10.  


TIME. Image: Channel 10.  


Glenn was right under our noses this entire time.

We just didn't know, on account of his inability to speak, and Channel 10's preference for giving long-haired larrikins all the screen time.

Glenn made it to Angie's top 10 without a word and we must give him the credit he deserves for that. A truly impressive effort, sir.

He was eventually eliminated in episode six. After going back and re-watching a few episodes, for research purposes, here are some key points we all missed about Glenn:

- He gave Angie a cool drawing when he met her on the Bachie red carpet

- He ordered a rum and coke at a cocktail party, a questionable choice if we're honest

- After not being selected for the hens party group date, (life drawing, grapes, Ciarran... you know the one), Glenn (probably) rehearsed a joke in the mirror for two hours, and delivered it seamlessly in front of the other men: "I'll let you boys go on the hens party, I'll be walking down the aisle". 

Image: Giphy. 


So he can talk, and he's pretty good at it.

Other fun facts about our new favourite comedian: His full name is Glenn Smith, he's 32, he's from Perth, and he's a twin. 

He said he was keen on Helena before Paradise, which bodes well after she took a shine to him in the series premiere. Watch this space.

Glenn is an absolute champ.

Glenn's lack of airtime/vocal cords during The Bachelorette means he was unable to secure a teeth whitening endorsement deal or morning radio hosting gig, but he hasn't let that get him down.

After his stint on the reality TV show, Glenn actually joined in the joke about how nobody knows who the heck he is. 


The below Instagram posts are delightful and hilarious, and I'm happy to report Glenn seems like a worthwhile candidate to fill the holes in our heart left by Ciarran.


After the first episode on Wednesday night, it seems the public still don't really... know Glenn, but they're open to it.


Oh crap, I once... spoke to him.

This is where the investigation gets really, really meta. 

Last year this detective SPOKE TO GLENN DIRECTLY. I don't recall it at all but there is proof in the form of a written, coherent article on this very site. 

Glenn spoke about icky politician Jess' wildly inappropriate behaviour, and reading the answers back, it seems like he is a really good guy.

To recap, briefly: Jess said that if he had a chance at the previous group date, he would have "just grabbed that sweetie and laid one on her", before adding that he wouldn't have minded if Angie didn't want him kissing her because he had kissed plenty of girls who have turned their heads away. He laughed about it.

The group of men sitting near him, which included Glenn directly called him out.

Speaking to Mamamia after his elimination, Glenn said Jess was also inappropriate off-camera.

"When he came into that cocktail party,  there had been a lot of things that had led up to that, there were so many instances and it was time that everyone started calling him out. There wasn't just one guy, as you've seen, most of the boys in the mansion were really calling him out.

"I'm pretty proud of the guys as a collective really standing up to that stuff. In this day and age, there's so much about and it's not okay and it was really nice to see the collective of boys stand up and actually call him out."


Yas, Glenn!

After one episode of BIP, we still don't really know Glenn. But hey, he got more camera time than he did in this episode of The Bachelorette...

Do you... see him... Image: Channel 10. 

Here's to Australia finally meeting you, Glenn.

Feature image: Channel 10.