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Bachelor in Paradise's Florence will re-enter paradise tonight. This is why.

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Grab a mango daiquiri and get ready for some dra-mah.

Florence will be re-entering paradise on Sunday night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise.

Yep, right when Jake Ellis is all loved up with Megan Marx, Hurricane Flo is making her mango daiquiri-soaked return.

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Florence told the Herald Sun the show initially brought out the worst in her.

“You have seen my absolute craziest side. Jake (Ellis) drove me f—ing nuts,” she said. “It brought out the worst in me.’’

Florence says she returned to paradise in the hope of drinking more daiquiris checking up on Jarrod’s sunburn meeting someone new.

“The reason I returned was I was hoping they might have some new people, some people I had not met before, some people I might be interested in,” she said.

“It is not that I am looking for someone in my reality circles; it is not that reality TV is my type.”

She admitted it was slim pickins’ the first time around.

“I was interested in Davey (Lloyd) initially … and I had history with Jake and other than that I was not interested in anyone,” she said.

A few weeks ago Jake explained that history to Mamamia. It seems Jake and Florence hooked up before the show and things didn’t end well.

“Look, Florence and I, we started chatting, um, I guess through social media just after her season, just a bit of back and forth, you know banter and laughs,” Jake told Mamamia.

“She’s got a good sense of humour so that’s why we got along.

@bachelorfeedau just uploaded this extremely cute photo and I couldn’t resist reposting. Watching this episode was quite tough for me, especially as I saw lots of things that I didn’t see in the moment when I was there. Things that were said, things that were done, things that Davey said, things that Jake said… all sorts of stuff that I missed. Please understand that when you’re in the middle of it all things are less obvious than when you’re watching us from the couch. Making decisions is SO HARD in an environment like that, especially under pressure and I can only hope that I was doing the right thing. Nevertheless I broke my own heart a little when I sent this absolutely amazing guy home and I’d like to say a big thank you to @davey_lloyd for the time we spent together and the memories that were made – like the plastic flowers in this photo from the bach in paradise art department that he stole and gave to me at the cocktail party (I had to put them back in the bushes after). Lol bless you. You make my heart smile. You’re the best and you have a heart of gold. Nothing but ♥️ for you you little whirlwind. ????

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“Then we met up in Perth once after we did a charity Family Feud, and then, yeah, we continued to talk for a bit after that, but it just got to the point where, you know, we just weren’t right for each other.”

Then they (kinda) rekindled their love in paradise.

“As you could see when I walked in I was very excited and going with the flow… it was good to see a familiar face, and you know I definitely fought for that time with her to see whether there was still something there or if we’d run our course,” he said.

“Obviously there was drama at the start, being in a love triangle with one of my best mates Davey which I really didn’t like being in, and we had our date, and it definitely wasn’t the same.

“As you could see it was that little bit of awkward, and there was a lot of tension there and I feel like it was just something we couldn’t get past.”

But can they get past it now? We’ll find out when Florence reenters paradise tonight.

The next episode of Bachelor In Paradise will air on Channel Ten at 7pm Sunday night. 

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