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Bachelor in Paradise's Davey and Flo are hinting at a romance and we are so here for this.

Jake Ellis may have kept Florence Moerenhout and Davey Lloyd from having the romance they deserved on Bachelor in Paradise, but a happy ending may not be off the cards entirely for the pair.

To recap, Florence instantly feared she’d made a mistake when she sent Davey home in favour of Jake in last week’s second episode. This was proved true when Jake gave his rose to Megan Marx instead of her in Tuesday night’s show.

Thankfully, Davey – who seems to have no hard feelings towards her – was there to comfort her, with Florence hinting at a possibility of a future romance between the two.

Watch the moment Jake sends Florence home (and loses the goodwill of all of Australia) in the video below.

“I wouldn’t say we’re in a relationship but we’ve been catching up and speaking to one another,” she told The Daily Telegraph’s Confidential.

“We’re good mates and we will see what happens.”

It certianly seems like things might develop between the two, if their flirty Instagram exchanges are anything to go by.


On Tuesday night Davey posted a photo of the moment he handed flowers to Florence, captioning the image, “Hey can’t say it was all that bad, You still did get some flowers after all.”

Florence quickly commented, “Hahahaha is it too early to say I love you? Cuz I fucking do. You legend you.”

Okay we doubt it was a serious message of romantic love, but we’re still holding out hope these two end up together.

We debrief on all the biggest talking points from paradise this week, on our Bach Chat podcast. Post continues.

Last week Florence expressed her regret at sending Davey home in a long Instagram post of the same flower photo.

“I broke my own heart a little when I sent this absolutely amazing guy home and I’d like to say a big thank you to @davey_lloyd for the time we spent together and the memories that were made,” she wrote. “Like the plastic flowers in this photo from the Bach in Paradise art department that he stole and gave to me at the cocktail party (I had to put them back in the bushes after).

“Lol bless you. You make my heart smile. You’re the best and you have a heart of gold. Nothing but ♥️ for you you little whirlwind.”

Meanwhile, she told Confidential the only contact she’d had with Jake since the show ended, was to offer sympathy when his mother died in January.

“That was really sad and of course I wanted to put our differences and arguments aside for that. But let’s just say we’re not going to catch up for coffee.”

Florence will not be fooled again.