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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Davey takes a swipe at "little brat" Leah.

Last night, the country watched on as Bachelor favourite Davey Lloyd was unceremoniously dumped from Bachelor in Paradise.

His fatal flaw, it would seem, was choosing his friendship with fellow contestant Jake over a relationship with Flo, meaning he had no woman to offer him a rose and keep him in the competition.

After the show had aired, fellow contestant Leah hinted there was far more to his exit than you could glean for an hour-long episode, writing on Instagram the “player got played”.

However, in an interview with Mamamia, Davey denied there was more to his exit, suggesting Leah was just “sour” after he admitted he regretted taking her on a date.

“I think she is just sour. She just realised what was actually going on, that I was interested in Flo over her and regretted taking her on a date. She knew it all though, we even had an argument about it where I told her if I had my chance again, I would’ve picked Flo. So she knows.

“I don’t need to broadcast stuff on Instagram being a sook. And the end of the day, I was the one who left and I am the one who should be crying about it. She’s just a little brat sometimes.”

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Curiously, Davey went on to state his relationship with Leah after filming is “good”.

“It’s good. It’s fine. I don’t really care what she puts up, if she wants attention then that’s how she’s going to get it.”

Davey went on to explain exactly what happened between himself and Tara, after he went into the show saying he was interested in exploring a relationship with her, only for nothing to eventuate. In the last few months, fans have been convinced the two are dating, after they both uploaded multiple photos together on Instagram.


“She’s one of my best friends and we were just taking some attention away from what was actually going to happen.

“What you don’t see on TV is we formed a very strong friendship in there.”

The reality star said he realised, from the get-go, that it wouldn’t work romantically between those two because of Flo. Flo, he said, is very close with Tara, and Tara knew Flo was interested in Davey.

“Just like I knew Jake was interested in Flo, Tara knew Flo was interested in me.”

While his the complicated nature of his friendship with Jake was a key storyline of this week, he told Mamamia the two were still best friends.

“I genuinely feel bad for Jake, he is such a good dude. Everyone needs to chill and back off him, he is still one of my best mates. Just like I made a mistake, he made mistakes.

“We still talk, in fact, I was meant to see him today but he had to work.”

And as for his relationship with Flo both before and after the show?

“We used to just comment on each other’s photos [before the show],” he said.

“We were just taking the piss. It was minor flirting,” going on to say he has seen Flo since the show aired and there is “no beef”.

“Since last night I’ve received thousands and thousands of supportive messages.

“It’s like the the respect I gave Jake is the respect I’ve got from Australia. It’s a respect because I was loyal from the very start,” he said, adding “95 per cent of feedback” has been positive.

“There are always going to be idiots who write bad articles. I’m just happy that my good gesture was noticed.”