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Davey Lloyd on why he and Florence Moerenhout didn't get together outside of Bachelor in Paradise.


When Davey Lloyd was sent home from this year’s of Bachelor in Paradise, he didn’t expect he’d be back.

We first met Davey as the larrakin on Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette. We then saw him again on last year’s Bachelor in Paradise, when Jake Ellis and Leah Costa kept him and Florence Moerenhout from having the romance they deserved.

So, when Davey turned up in Paradise again this year saying he hoped Flo would be returning too… We crossed our fingers. But then he was sent home again… The day before she arrived. Life ain’t fair.


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Déjà vu ????

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But in a promo for next week, Davey is shown returning to the island – third time’s a charm, we hope?

Speaking to Mamamia, the 29-year-old said he was “not at all” expecting to be asked back to Fiji.

“I went home and tried to get on with my life again,” he said. “I went back to work and then [producers] called me up and were like ‘Do you want to come back?'”

When asked why he agreed, he said he “just wanted a bloody rose, to be honest”, and honestly, fair enough Davey, your reality TV appearance to rose ratio is not very high.

He was excited by the prospect of running into Flo on the island.

“I definitely was hoping [she would be there]… It was a shame that I left pretty much straight before she came in. Then it was like ‘This could be a second chance’. I just wanted to see what happened when I got in there.”


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Although… Davey and Flo have had unfinished business for a year now which begs the question: Why the heck can’t they pursue a relationship outside of Paradise?

Well, for starters, there was that pesky thing called distance: Davey is from Sydney and Flo is based in Melbourne.

“We spoke every now and again, but we were also dating other people in the meantime so it was just bad timing, really.”

Luckily, they had reality TV waiting to bring them back together at just the right time.

“It just happened to sort of work out that we were both single to go back on [the show],” he explained.

In recent weeks, Flo has caught up in the love triangle will Bill Goldsmith and Alex Nation, which led to some major commentary surrounding gaslighting, but Davey said he wasn’t aware of what went on when he wasn’t on the island.

Regarding whether he and Flo actually make it work this time… Well, he’s holding his cards close to his chest.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”