EXCLUSIVE: We now know the details of Daniel's "slimy" comment to Laurina.

On Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in ParadiseQueen Lenora had the feminist moment we’ve all been waiting for. Holding her rose, she made the decision to keep American Jared (officially the most random person to ever appear on Australian television) in paradise, rather than Daniel, the Canadian we thought she’d been flirting with.

Did she make Daniel feel like a dirty street pie? A ‘lil bit.

As she pinned her rose to the shirt of a man she was yet to have a conversation with, her voiceover said, “Towards the end of the cocktail party, Daniel sits there and he looks at me, and he says the most slimy, chauvinistic, derogatory comment.”

“I realised that this guy’s not really having a healthy effect on the environment here. You give me the creeps, mate. American Jared seems like a really loving person and I think he’d be awesome to keep around in paradise.”

But we were all left with one very important question: WHAT WAS THE SLIMY COMMENT?!

After the episode, a rumour started circulating online that Daniel said, and I quote, “suck my Canadian bacon,” which, yeah, is pretty derogatory.

Just some of the compelling evidence about what Daniel said. Image via Facebook.

But speaking to Mamamia on Tuesday morning, Daniel said he doesn't "think" his comment to Laurina was about his Canadian bacon.

"I don't really talk about that sort of thing... that was season three [of US Bachelor in Paradise]."

"I have certain jokes for the season. But I don't think it was that."

So what did he say?

"I think I might have said something about, I think I said something along the lines of... she stood up and I said 'you have a nice bum' or something. Something about her bum I think."

Somehow, we think it was probably more X-rated than that, but fine.

There was another arguably derogatory comment made by Daniel, however, that was aired on Tuesday night's episode: "They call me Geppetto 'cause I make women my puppets."

Tara's Instagram story after Monday night's episode. Image via Instagram.

But apparently, it was an in-joke. "I thought the puppet thing... that's from the movie The House with Will Ferrell, and when he said that in the movie I thought that was pretty funny, and I thought to myself I've got to use that one day in a TV show."

"Would I actually think they're my puppets? Like that makes no f*cking sense. People are so serious. Do you actually think I'm like this?"

... A lil' bit.

He also clarified that he doesn't exactly go on these shows to find love. "That's not realistic," he said. "If a reality show had 1,000 women there, or were handpicked for what I'm looking for, then yes, that's more realistic."

"But I go on these shows... they're a paid vacation. That's what people often don't realise. Better than doing a day job. Then you get to watch yourself on TV and either cringe or laugh."

After dozens of seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise in the US, Daniel said people have learned, "it's all for fun and games".

"I don't think people realise that so much in Australia yet."

Mate, believe us. There's at least one person who is in paradise purely for the fun and games.

Defs not taking it too seriously. Image via Channel 10.
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