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A thorough investigation into which Bachelor in Paradise couples are still together.


Between sips of their mango daiquiris, the Bachelor in Paradise members are looking for love.

With… various levels of success, but mostly, failure.

We’ve already seen many contestants come and go during this season, but on screen there are a handful of couples going (semi) strong.

But filming was way back in November… So, did any of the relationships we’re seeing on screen stand the test of time?

We’ve fallen down the Instagram hole and got our stalk on, so you don’t have to. Here’s what we’ve found.

Cass and Richie.


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The first thing you should do in an Instagram stalk is check whether the stalkees are following each other.

And in the case of Cass Wood and Richie Strahan, they are not.

So… That’s that.

But if you need more proof, Cass has not been shy about hiding her relationship with Warringah Rugby Club player Tyson Davis. Following filming, Cass was spotted with Tyson at the beach, and also shared many videos on her Instagram story with him discreetly in the background.

Tyson has also been open about their relationship online, posting very coupley photos of the pair together over the Christmas period. He’s since made his Instagram private, so we’ll have to wait till after the show to see if Cass makes an official announcement.

Alex and Bill.


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So… We just watched some next level gaslighting from Bill and we reckon Alex should’ve just tapped out then and there.

But sneaky paparazzi shots from early December proved the couple were together after filming, so we can bet they’ll leave together at the finale.

They also engaged in some subtle Instagram activity, being careful not to tag each other in stories and photos, but definitely making no secret that they were a ‘thing’.

But it was not meant to be, as a month later Who Magazine confirmed they had split… And it sounded bad.

“Things have turned nasty and Alex is certainly keen to tell her side of the story, but she is still under a gag order for the show so she can’t say a word,” a ‘very well-placed source’ told the magazine. “And Bill doesn’t want to get all the blame here so he is ready to defend himself.”

Bring on finale time, because we have a feeling things are going to get wild after it airs.

Alisha and Jules.


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So yes, we did watch Jules more than likely ruin his relationship with Alisha to pursue a potential relationship with Tenille, who he had not yet even spoken to.

Good one.

However, they do still follow each other on Instagram, so there’s a glimmer of hope that these two are still together. Maybe? Possibly?

Shannon and Connor.


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Shannon has happily shared a lot of Connor-related content on her Insta, but Connor on the other hand… Hasn’t. In fact, he hasn’t even posted anything from the show. There’s really just a bunch of shirtless Florida beach shots.

And judging by their social media activity, they’re definitely in completely different countries. So these two are either doing long distance, a couple shots just don’t fit Connor’s gram aesthetic, or it fizzled out.

We reckon it’s the latter.