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"It all hit me." What was really going on when Cat stormed out of the rose ceremony.


Last night Cat Henesey, 25, sat on her couch with the rest of Australia and watched herself chuck a tantrum, storm out of a rose ceremony, and lock herself in a bathroom where she bawled her eyes out.

She says, it was the moment everything that has happened to her on national TV over The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise seasons, actually finally hit her.

“Coming straight off Bachelor receiving so much hate and trolling and then jumping straight back into filming. It wasn’t enough time for me to process it all. I feel like it kind of all hit me then [in the rose ceremony],” she told Mamamia. 

Here’s Cat’s dramatic exit from the show last night. Post continues after video.

Video by Ten

“I hadn’t really cried or gotten super upset the whole time it was airing, and that was like my moment of going ‘shit stop trying to be so tough. You can show your emotions’. It was really raw and real for me,” she admitted.

Cat also admits, it was awful to watch. She’d been dreading witnessing her departure from the show for weeks.


“It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I was in that bathroom for a lot longer obviously. I didn’t know what was going to be shown.

“It was still bad…you don’t want to see a video of you in a really dark place getting played back to you, especially to the entire nation, it was pretty full on,” she told Mamamia.

It was the second rose ceremony of the season, and the first for the girls. Cat was pretty sure, Richie Strahan, 33, was going to pick her. They’d had some pretty decent chats, so she thought she was safe.

“We were talking for hours, we got along really well. Spoke about our values and family, it was really nice. I thought I was getting his rose. So I was shocked,” said Cat.

cat henesy
Cat admits it was hard to watch herself on screen last night. Image: Ten.

Instead, he chose Cass Wood, who was also on Cat's season of The Bachelor with the Honey Badger.

"I was about to burst into tears. I was really upset. All these girl's names are getting called and you're like 'holy shit am I not good enough, am I not pretty enough?' It's like a mental battle standing up there, it's awful. That feeling doesn't get any better," Cat explained of the moment before she stormed away.

Then, Nathan picked Brittany and Cat knew she wasn't going to get a rose.

"F**k this," she declared and bee-lined for the bathroom followed by Alisha, where we could hear her sobbing; "I don't understand why people don't like me," she cried. "I don't get what is wrong with me".

Cat admits she was pretty nervous the Channel 10 editors were going to ham up her exit and further portray her story-line as the 'villian' like they did last season. She says that had a huge affect on her short amount of time in Paradise.

"I had gotten there and my whole reputation was tarnished, no guys really wanted to get to know me. I was the villain of my season and they couldn't possibly be seen with someone like me. They wanted the girls like Brooke who had an amazing edit," she revealed.


Cat was just as shocked as Australia by the conversation that aired between Alex and Richie on the show, discussing their breakup.

"We were all watching from a distance. We had no idea what was going on and they came back and kind of blended back in with everyone and didn't say a word about what had happened.  They didn't give us any insight. I watched what they spoke about as you did too," she said.


As for Brooke's revelation about Honey Badger and his revealing he wouldn't be picking anyone?

"It made me hate him even more. What an asshole," she told Mamamia.

In fact, she thinks he quite deserved to be hunted down by A Current Affair after ditching both women in the finale.

"You bloody wasted all of our time. Girls quit their bloody jobs for you, I moved countries for this show. How dare you waste our time you know. And he was there grilling me going you're not here for the right reasons. You're here to promote your jewellery -  blah blah blah. I am like mate, you went on this for a publicity stunt and now it's come back in your face. I think he deserves every bit of that," she admitted.

The Honey Badger The Bachelor finale
Cat is pretty unimpressed with her Bachelor. "What an asshole." Image: Channel Ten.

On the whole, Cat says the experience in Paradise is a lot cruiser than on Bachelor, and it turns out they aren't quite as plied with alcohol as we might think.

"You actually you get a lot more alcohol on Bachelor. It's a two drink an hour limit on Paradise. There's a kitchen you can order from any time you want," she revealed.

On the whole, Cat is ready to put the whole experience behind her. She's got other things on her mind - her new boyfriend.

"I actually met my now boyfriend a few weeks after filming. I am really happy and everything happens for a reason. That obviously wasn't my journey," she said.

"We are super in love, he's great. He's exactly the kind of guy I wanted to meet.

"He watched last night with me, but then I turned it off and didn't want to watch. He was really supportive and lovely," she gushed.

She's going to wait and see if she feels like watching the rest of the show, but suspects she might want to tune in and support her best mate Alisha who is still living it up in Paradise.