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A comprehensive list of everyone who's heading into Bachelor in Paradise.

The evening of Bachelor in Paradise goodness is finally upon us and we cannot wait for the hot, sweaty, tropical, island-themed drama.

But before we watch the various hook ups and break ups that will undoubtedly dominate our lives for the next couple of months, we must first acquaint ourselves with the familiar faces that are continuing their search for love, and selflessly doing it for the entertainment needs of the country.

So… for your reading pleasure, and because we know you’re as keen as we are, in alphabetical order, here are your 2018 Bachelor in Paradise contestants.

*begins mildly hyperventilating*

Attention please: Bachelor in Paradise is coming to Australia for the first time and we are EXCITED. Post continues after audio.

The Boys.

Samual Cochrane

Best known for: Referring to Sophie Monk’s boobs as ‘cans’. In front of her. After she’d asked him to stop. Also his man bun.

Blake Colman

Best known for: Being a villain, then randomly falling completely in love with Sophie Monk and having his heartbroken.

Jake Ellis

Best known for: Coming third on Georgia Love’s season.

Apollo Jackson

Best known for: Being a magician. A beautiful, god-like magician.

Davey Lloyd

Best known for: Being a bit of a larrikin on Sam Frost’s season.

Luke McLeod

Best known for: Convincing Australia Sophie Monk would choose him, before getting sent home much earlier than expected.

Michael Turnbull

Best known for: Coming second on Sam Frost’s season, and being a ‘professional’ soccer player.


Jarrod Woodgate

Best known for: Coming second on Sophie Monk’s season, and getting very sunburnt in Fiji. Also his pot plant.

The Girls.

Leah Costa

Best known for: Being the villain on Matty J’s season.

Laurina Fleure

Best known for: Dirty Street Pie.

Lisa Hyde

Best known for: Coming second on Blake Garvey’s season, AKA dodging a massive bullet.

Keira Maguire

Best known for: Being the villain on Richie’s season, but also maybe our favourite thing that ever happened in this franchise.

Megan Marx

Best known for: Voluntarily leaving Richie’s season, before having a relationship with fellow contestant, Tiffany Scanlon.

Ali Oetjen

Best known for: Coming third on Tim Robard’s season, and being very heartbroken.

Simone Ormesher

Best known for: The topless waitress fiasco on Matty J’s season.

Tara Pavlovic

Best known for: Being a fan favourite on Matty J’s season, and ultimately coming third.

Nina Rolleston

Best known for: Being everyone’s best friend on Sam Wood’s season.

Florence Moerenhout

Best known for: Straight up cheating in a challenge to get a date with Matty J. Also her Dutch-ness.

And there you have it.

Who are you most excited to see return on Bachelor in Paradise? Tell us in a comment!

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