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Bachelor in Paradise's Elora says there's more to the love letter fiasco than we saw.

Elora Murger has said there was more to the fake love letter fiasco on Bachelor in Paradise than we saw – despite Eden Schwencke saying otherwise.

To recap, what we saw at home was Elora receiving a touching letter (which you can read here) signed by American Jared, and being devastated to later learn it was, in fact, Eden who wrote it as a (bizarre) prank. Later, the fire dancer chose to allow the breakdancer to stay when she had the power to send him home.

However, Elora has told Mamamia the portrayal of what happened wasn’t “fair”, because it saw Eden solely copping the blame when, in fact, he wasn’t the only one who wrote the letter.

Michelle and Zara discuss the return of Florence on Bachelor in Paradise. Post continues.

“I think the way it happened wasn’t really fair because Eden wasn’t the only one who was part of it,” the 27-year-old said.

Eden, however, tried to take full responsibility for the prank when speaking to Mamamia on Monday.

When we asked if she could tell us who helped write the letter, Elora told us that she wanted to respect Eden’s decision not to rat out his mates. (We assume this is part of the Bachelor Bro Code.)

“Eden’s decided… he said if they wanted to own up to it they would, but he was not going to be the one to say the names so I respect that.”

But in the end, Elora said there were no hard feelings anyway – she and Eden were “really good friends” and she got to show viewers her “true colours” by not sending Eden home.

“In the end, I was really glad it happened because it challenged me – I could have just been the reactive and a vengeful woman – but it really kind of reassured me that I could stay who I am.”

“I think I gained a lot of respect from people in Paradise. I was able to show Australia my true colours, that I have a big heart.”

And while Eden and her were able to move on – and Apollo and her were able to stay friends – it was not the case with Simone Ormesher.


“Simone and I are not on good terms,” Elora told Mamamia. 

“At the end of the day, from the beginning, you could see that my friendship with Simone meant nothing to her.

“The value of friendship was never respected between me and Simone throughout the show.”

Video by Mamamia Women's Network

This isn’t something Elora dwells on though. Since leaving the show in November she’s got a new job and a new man.

“My new guy is Salvatore. He’s from Napoli. He’s 31 years old, he’s been in Sydney for five years,” she told Mamamia.

“We met and fell in love right away a week after the show. He’s a beautiful man.”

She said the pair met at a festival she was performing at and haven’t left each other’s side since.

Elora – who now works as a personal trainer and PR whizz at a gym in Sydney – said that although she didn’t find love in Fiji, the show did help her to figure out what she wanted and ultimately led her to Salvatore.

“All in all I’m in the best position of my life and I think it’s all thanks to all the experiences I went through last year. I’m really happy where I’m at.”

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