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Tiffany Scanlon has shared a 1280-word Insta-rant against Bachie in Paradise producers.

It’s that time of the year when our eyes gleam with anticipation as we find out which of our favourite Bachelor and Bachelorette hopefuls will get a second chance at Instagram fame love in the form of Bachelor in Paradise.

So far, 2018 favourites Cass Wood and Brooke Blurton are the only two contestants confirmed, with rumours suggesting viewers might be treated to a surprise Richie Strahan and Alex Nation reunion.

However, there is one ex-Bachelor contestant who will not be sipping mango daiquiris by the pool, and she’s made her feelings known in an Instagram post.

Tiffany Scanlon, who appeared on Richie’s season of The Bachelor before dating fellow contestant Meghan Marx, says after it was near-confirmed that she would be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise. Just five days before filming was due to start, however, the 32-year-old said she received a message stating: “this time around the network has decided not to take you to paradise”.

“The better, more mature thing to do might be to say nothing, to take the graceful and humble route BUT I’m a stickler for justice and I don’t think that people or organisations should get away with appalling behaviour,” she begins.

“Some will say I’m just disgruntled and bitter, and you’d be correct, given the way things happened I am disgruntled and very bitter. I don’t write this for your sympathy or judgement but to help myself heal and to share with you not only the good times but also the really shit times in life.”


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Giving us a very detailed insight into the Bachelor in Paradise casting process, Tiffany says she was initially approached by producers three months ago, before undergoing multiple rounds of casting and paperwork. Although they never explicitly confirmed she would be a contestant, she was frequently told that “‘everything is progressing’, ‘things are moving along nicely’, ‘we are waiting on confirmation from the network,’” she says.

“I spent two months gearing my life towards going on the show,” she explained, sharing the rigorous preparation process which included an exercise regime, mental health training, beauty treatments and collaborations with clothing brands and hair, beauty and cosmetic injectables companies.

“I turned down other opportunities, I told @instituteofcode that I would be unable to be retreat manager in November (a job which I’ve done for the past year of retreats),” she continues.

“I informed my social media management clients that I’d be out of Bali for up to six weeks and subsequently lost one of my clients.

“I met a guy who I told I wouldn’t go on the show if he wanted to see where things went and he said that was (understandably) too much pressure and then I put my dating life on hold.

Since sharing the post, Tiffany says she has returned to Perth to recover in the “protection and support of friends and family,” but says she would have “never agreed” to be considered for the show had she known of the casting process.

“I can’t think of too many people who would happily live in limbo for 2 months,” she says.

“I can’t say whether what happened to me also happened to anyone else or if mine was a unique case but there is no question in my mind that the casting and producers have shown complete disregard for my life… over the past two months.”

Channel Ten has been contacted for comment.

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