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5 questions we've all had about the 'dental floss' bikinis on Bachelor in Paradise.

According to this season of Bachelor in Paradise, the dental floss bikini trend is alive and well, but we have conflicting emotions.

Conflicted because women can obviously wear whatever they want, but also…



And other… ‘coverage issues’.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 bikinis
Alisha wearing said bikini on Thursday's episode on Bachelor in Paradise.

This trend isn't exactly new. It's permeated our beaches, social media timelines and online shopping pages since 2016 but some fans have tweeted their confusion after witnessing the bikini's popularity on Bachelor in Paradise.


With some more confronted than others.




Bachelor host/date planner Osher has also weighed in on the controversy.

"I don't understand why so many people are so confronted by the bikinis on this show," he tweeted last night.

"If that's what they want to wear, isn't that ok?"


Now, power to the women, the contestants can wear whatever they want, and feel comfortable in, but WE HAVE QUESTIONS.

1. Are wedgies a legitimate concern?

Serious question though... what happens when the bikini gets a little too cheeky for comfort?

Alisha, Cass and Tenille, please explain.


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2. Don't they give you... bum burn?

With the number of cocktails being consumed on an hourly basis something tells us people aren't reapplying their sunscreen every two hours or after exposure to water.

This is bad because sun safety is important and nobody wants sun burn on their butt.

It makes lounging around the pool very difficult.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 bikinis
Brittney, we need to talk. Image: Instagram.

3. What about... chafing?

Bikini bottoms + denim shorts = chafing.



4. Is flashing not a legitimate concern?

Because it's all fun and games until you accidentally flash your bits on national TV.

We just worry that one of these days someone will be lounging on an inflatable flamingo or out on a paddle board, and a rogue gust of wind might cause some problems.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 bikinis
We feel like skimpy bikini bottoms and water sports do not go together, but you do you Cass.

5. Are we perhaps a little... 'too concerned'?

In the words of Amy Poehler, "good for you, not for me".

The fact is, it takes guts, and a hectic glute workout, to wear a g-string bikini on national TV, and if the BIP constants are comfortable doing so, then we should be to.

Look, The Bachelor in Paradise contestants are aware that they look pretty great wearing their g-string bikinis. Just ask Flo and Alisha.

Video by Bachelor in Paradise

Practicality concerns aside, may we all wear our swimmers with the confidence of a Bachelor in Paradise contestant.

We'd probably all be better people for it.

What do you think of the floss bikini trend? Tell us in a comment below.