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We just found a goldmine of Bachelor in Paradise gossip. And it's all on Instagram.

Pour yourself a margarita because we have Bachelor in Paradise gossip, and we found it all by spending far too much time on Instagram.

From Ivan’s (very late) apology to Brittney and possible clues on what’s to come with the Bill, Alex and Florence love triangle, we delved deep into the Instagram comments and here’s the best stuff we found.


Ivan’s apology to Brittney.

After breaking Brittney’s heart and giving newcomer Tenille his rose at Thursday night’s Rose Ceremony, all Britney wanted was an apology.

And she deserved it.

While she didn’t get her closure on Paradise, Ivan finally said sorry on Instagram.

“Just wanted to say my apologies to you again Brit! You’re an amazing girl with amazing qualities and you don’t deserve to get treated the way you did by me,” he wrote.

And right you are, sir.

Bachelor in paradise 2019
Oi Ivan, how could you let Britney go???

"I handled myself and the situation horrendously and was just a massive d*** and was completely self absorbed.

"You're going to find someone great that's going to appreciate you and I can't wait to see that happen. Honestly thank you for making my time in Paradise awesome and for the fun times we had from the moment I walked in.

"Thank you and sorry."

Brittney even replied. "Thanks :) That's really nice," she wrote back.

Ohhh Brit, both us and 'the tree' will miss you dearly on Paradise.

Alex's other side.


According to the most recent episode of BIP, Bill is currently in both Alex and Florence's bad books, after making out with them both in the space of about six hours.

While he ultimately gave his rose to Alex, we're predicting it's not going to be smooth sailing for the couple.

After a fan left a comment accusing Alex of never liking him and entering the competition for the "publicity," Bill left this telling response.

"You will have to see what unfolds smart woman!!"

Bachelor in paradise 2019

Hmmm, very intriguing indeed.

It looks like Flo is still unlucky in love.

While Flo's love life could be on the mend after American Alex gave her his final rose, and thus keeping her in the competition, according to her latest Instagram Stories Q&A, this might be a short lived victory.

"I have poor taste. I always go for f*ck boys," she said, hinting that perhaps she is still single.

"Just because I came across Bill and Jake [in last year's season of BIP], doesn't mean there's no good men out there.


"I'm sure I'll find love."


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I really like hair clips and winged eyeliner???? Look for tonight’s @huffer_ party by @makeupby.dani

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Also if you're wondering if she ends up forgiving Bill for his betrayal, we're going to say it's a hard no.

"The only bill I have feelings for is the dollar bill, other than that, they're all f**king cancelled," she said.

Have you noticed these spoilers on Instagram? Who are you favourite contestants on Bachelor in Paradise? Tell us in a comment below.