“She owes him an apology": Tara's terse words for Sophie Monk after her engagement to Sam.

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He was the villain, she was the darling.

Both Tara and Sam came out of their respective seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette with remarkably different public personas. Or, you know, so we thought.

He was made – by the producers, at least – to be the one chasing fame. She was made – by the producers, at least – to be the one chasing love.

Now, a day after their proposal on Bachelor in Paradise was made known to the world, Tara has told TV Week she wouldn’t mind an apology from Sophie Monk, who branded her now fiancé a “performer” after he appeared on the show.

“She owes him an apology,” Tara told the magazine.

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“Sophie slammed Sam in a public forum. She called him a ‘performer’ and that’s not fair.

“Everyone assumed he was this awful person. The repercussions were hurtful. But the more he opened up to me, the more attracted to him I became.”

In an interview with Kyle and Jackie O Show last year, Sophie blasted Sam for going on the show to try and “be a star”.

“It’s always a performance for the camera, this guy,” she said. “I realised he’s there because he wants to be a star.”

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She also told the show he forcefully kissed her.

“He said that I kissed him and that they cut it out,” she said.

“What happened is, I gave him a rose and pecked him to be polite, and he goes ‘Can I have a peck?’ and I go, ‘That was a peck’, and he grabbed my head and made me kiss him.

“I didn’t really kiss him back and it made me feel really uncomfortable. So if they (producers) cut it out, that’s probably why.”

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