So, Megan Marx didn't realise 'shrooms were illegal in Bali.


This is a good one.

It turns out Bach in Paradise’s Megan Marx didn’t know it’s totes illegal to take ‘shrooms in Bali.

Yep, the bachie alum posted on her blog this week about her experience doin’ some magic mushies in Bali last July. She also wrote about how she didn’t actually know it was illegal at the time.

“Psilocybin mushies although a psychedelic species of fungi found naturally, is also a class A drug in most countries – including Indonesia,” Marx wrote on her blog.

Hurricane Flo has blown back out to sea. Post continues. 

Marx decided to take the ‘shrooms while on a Tinder double-date with her friend Andi.

“So we sat in our hotel room with an open bag of dried magic mushrooms and laughed and danced to Drake while eating the mushrooms raw (to be honest, it’s totally gross- I choked them down),” Marx wrote of her experience.

“One of the weirdest experiences on the magic is actually looking at yourself in the mirror. I feel as if the person in the mirror isn’t me at all, that I’m witnessing myself as a stranger. It’s like the question of ‘how do people actually perceive me on first meet?’ is finally being answered.”



Anyhoo, it turns out possessing ‘shrooms in Bali could land you in jail for up to 12 years and you could pay up to a million dollars in fines.

Bachelorette in Prison would make for a good spin-ff show though.