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Bachelor in Paradise's Florence says Jake had an ulterior motive for keeping her around.

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Apparently everyone has a Jake Ellis story.

But no one has more of a Jake Ellis story than Florence Moerenhout.

You see, before Bachelor in Paradise even started filming Flo and Jake “hooked up”.

“It was not that big of a deal,” Florence explained to Mamamia. “We all meet at events and we started hanging out and hooking up. There was a little bit of thing there but it was never anything serious.”

Flo said their relationship just fizzled out because they were in different states.

Once the show started filming, however, the ex-bachie contestants kind of rekindled their very not serious hook up and, well, it was a lil’ bit heated.

Hurricane Flo is back. Post continues. 

There was a whole bunch of chatin’, a lot of shoutin’, and at least one incident of glass throwin’.

Then at the next rose ceremony Jake decided to give his rose to Megan Marx rather than Florence. And Florence was sent home.

Now Florence has explained why she thinks Jake kept her around up until that point.

“It’s just a feeling I got, something didn’t add up and we’ve all seen that he was lying,” Florence told Mamamia.

“When he came in and he was trying so hard to take me on a date, I was like ‘Why didn’t it take off when we were in Australia?’

“Why are you now so keen whereas we were taking it so easy when we were outside of this.”

Florence believes there are two possible motivations behind Jake’s actions.

“Either he was like ‘Out of everyone here I know that I like you and I know we get along and I want to explore this further’, which is what he said.


“Or he might have known that Megan was coming and he just wanted to stick around and he knew that I was his best chance at a rose.”

After her shock elimination, Florence re-entered paradise this week. But the 29-year-old says we didn’t see the “real her” during her second run.

“The second time around that was not the real Florence – that was editing,” she explained.

“They literally just put together all the Jake footage they could find – and it was lots of old footage too. It was really easy to get me to say Jake’s name all the time because the producers would ask me questions about him and the other contestants asked me questions about him.”

“That was definitely not the Florence that I am.”

Florence says her second stint in paradise was actually a lot more low key than the show made out.

“The second time I went in it was actually quite chill, there were no dramas with Jake, we had one chat and it wasn’t even that heated

“I had moved on. It was fine between me, Jake and Megan.”

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