The Bachelor's Heather Maltman has been rushed to hospital.

She instantly became a fan favourite with her casual, ‘best mate’ approach to winning over Sam Wood‘s heart on The Bachelor.

Now, Heather Maltman has given her Instagram followers quite a scare with her latest post.

The 29-year-old has posted a picture on Instagram that shows her being wheeled into an ambulance, telling fans she was being rushed to hospital.


“Welcome to Melbourne. Hope you enjoy your stay at the HOSPITAL!” the Sydney local wrote, having only arrived in Melbourne less than a day ago.

“Woke up…with pain in my abdomen so bad I thought I was giving birth…Turns out…might be appendicitis.”

Assuring her fans that all was okay, Heather offered a “bad ass” pose while boarding the ambulance.

Heather was with two of her fellow The Bachelor contestants, Sarah Mackay and Tessa Morit, in Melbourne when the incident occurred and the ambulance was called.

The former Bachelor contestant – who is also one of our dream celebrity besties, by the way – is known for her honesty.

So it’s no surprise she shared the medical emergency on her social media.

Here’s hoping Heather feels better soon!

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