Eliza and Keira already had a relationship before the show started.

When 22 girls are sourced from around the country, there’s a pretty high chance you’ll be hanging out with people you’ve never seen before when you enter the Bachelor mansion.

Except if you’re two of the girls from this year’s season.

When ex-contestant  St. John dropped by the Bach Chat studio, she let slip a little secret about her friendships in the house: she already knew one of the girls before the show.

And it was the most unlikely person of all: Keira.

“I actually met [Keira] before the show at a gym, and she was the only girl there that spoke a word to me!” Eliza revealed.

“It was just in a random gym, in every day life, before we even knew we were going to be on the show. Then we saw each other [there] and we were like, ‘I know you, girl!’. It was pretty cool!”

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Video via Channel 10

It’s pretty surprising these two were friends pre-Bachie, especially since they had that EPIC SHOWDOWN when Keira came back from her one-on-one-time with Richie.

Despite that, Eliza says that Keira has “wonderful qualities”.

“She definitely always stated her opinion, but she has a million dimensions to her just like anyone else,” she says.

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“For the show and the drama, of course, her opinions are accentuated and she may come off as the villain, but she has such darling personality qualities to her as well.

“She’s charismatic and she is a sweetheart, she has a big heart and she’s very loyal as well.”

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