"What a jackass!": The Bachelor exes are set to spill on their split.

No one likes to be called a jackass.

“What a jackass!” is reportedly Sam Frost’s view on reality romancer, Blake Garvey.

Two days after Channel Ten screened their romantic African proposal and engagement (read Rosie’s run-down here) and one day since the news of their split has galloped across every tv and digital device in the country, we’ve heard news that the Bachelor (ex-) couple, Blake Garvey and Sam Frost, will appear in separate TV interviews with Carrie Bickmore on The Project on Monday night.

During the interview, a fired-up Sam reportedly lets fly at her former-fiance, calling him names. She has previously taken to social media to say that she is “in the dark” over the split.

“Look over there! That’s where I’m going to tell you that I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life!” #dirtystreetpie

Channel Ten had previously cancelled all proposed post-proposal interviews with couple (we got an earlier one with the Bachelor) and later released a statement confirming the split.

During the African proposal, Bachelor Blake said that he had never been so sure and Sam told him she was “one hundred per cent” happy to marry him. Hopefully we’ll find out when the wheels fell off this sure-thing, but Fairfax papers are reporting that the Bachelor was seen three weeks ago with another woman.

Sam may have fallen “head over heels” for Blake, but we’ll have to wait until Monday to hear whether she plans to plant one of those heels into the Bachelor’s backside.

In other news, Osher Gunsberg makes his own podcasts, which are fun, interesting and you can listen to them while picturing his excellent Bachie hair. Check them out here.

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