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Noni and Sam met after appearing on The Bachelor. Two years later, they're still together.

The chances of finding long-lasting love on The Bachelor franchise are increasingly becoming… dire. Especially considering it looks like this season of Bachelor in Paradise will produce approximately – let’s see… carry one, take away two – zero viable couples after the filming ceases.

But it would seem there is a Bachelor couple whom we have all forgotten are still together, or in my case, didn’t even know were dating in the first place.

And no, it’s not Jarrod Woodgate and his pot plants (they’ve been replaced by Keira, of course).

Nope, this couple didn’t even require Osher Gunsberg‘s love arrow, or even mango daiquiris to fill their eyes with love for each other. You see, this couple found love sans producers telling them to what to do.

Yep, Noni Janur (Ms Bacon Luva from Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor) and Sam Johnston (the denim wearin’ model man from Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette) have been an item since 2017.

Two. Years. That is precisely 56 times longer than the average duration of Bachelor couples. GO TEAM.

The Bachie alums found each other after their respective seasons on the Channel 10 reality TV show and announced their relationship in February (actually on Valentine’s Day, nonetheless) of 2017 with a smooching Instagram post.

“Little did I know I was on the wrong show. But maybe I came out the winner after all,” Noni shared to her Instagram followers two years ago.


Since the couple’s announcement, their feeds on social media have been filled with even more smooches and loved-up captions.

Alas, their relationship hasn’t been void of struggles. When Johnston – known for his bad boy persona on Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette – moved to Los Angeles to pursue modelling, they couple became long distance.

Last October, Noni shared with her 52,000 Instagram followers that she never thought she could do long distance, but proving just how strong their relationship is, she said it was all worth it.

“I remember swearing to myself that I would NEVER do a long distance relationship again. I thought it was just impossible and then two years ago… walked into my life,” the bikini model captioned the post.


“Time went on and I started to panic, realising I was head over heels and in love with a person who was going to stay away for awhile. As hard as it may be sometimes, our decision was totally worth it.”

“My heart was only strong enough for you,” Noni said.

Be still our beating hearts.

So there you have it, apparently you don’t have to go on Bachelor in Paradise to form a relationship (you hear that, Davey and Flo?).