The former Bachelor contestants reacting to Richie choosing Alex is... not what we expected.

Among those watching Richie make his shock decision on Thursday night’s finale of The Bachelor, were the 23 other women who entered the mansion hoping to find love. Actually, let’s make that 22. We doubt Olena was watching.

Like us, Nikki and Alex’s fellow competitors were unaware of the winner, so were just as surprised in the final moments of the series as we were.

Luckily, they’ve shared their reactions on social media, so we can live through their GLASS CASE OF EMOTIONS as they watch Nikki’s heart literally break on national television, and Alex implode with joy as Richie told the world he was in love with her.

Keira and Rachel prepared for the big moment in the only way we know how – with some selfies.

Meanwhile, Kiki, Mia and Noni were chillin’ on the couch, with SOMEONE making some very questionable hand gestures.

Kiki pre-Bachelor finale. Image via Instagram.
NONI! Image via Instagram.

But as the big moment drew closer, Keira seemed shocked by what was about to happen. In true Keira fashion, all she could say was: 'I can't.'


Then, the moment came, and Faith couldn't contain her sympathy for poor Nikki, who had just been left ALONE in BALI by a man she LOVED who just told her he LOVED someone ELSE.

...Oh no. Image via Instagram.

But soon after, she quickly showed her support for Alex and Richie.

BUT CONGRATS! Image via Instagram.

Shortly after the finale ended, Faith also posted a photo to Instagram of all the women with Richie. "I can't believe it's all over," she wrote. "What an incredible journey!!! Sending all the love in the world to Richie Strahan and Alex Nation what an amazing pair you two make!!! I wish you every happiness."


Of course, Megan and Tiffany were only concerned with one thing. Each other.

❤ @tiffany_janes

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We can't believe it's all over. But at least we can take solace in the fact that (most of) the other Bachelor contestants were just as shocked by the final decision as we were.