The shocking amount the women on The Bachelor are paid.

It takes a lot of courage to go on a reality TV show.

Cameras in your face 24/7, women fighting over your boyfriend, finding out he’s not actually going to be your boyfriend. The struggle is real.

What makes it harder is the measly pay check the women are taking home every night. For being on the years Bachelor, the 22 lucky ladies were reportedly paid just $90 a day.

A source has told SMH: "Some of those girls couldn't afford to pay their electricity bills let alone the rent ... they went on the show hoping to turn their fortunes around."

Bach Chat is back! Here's the lowdown on the first episode of The Bachelor 2016:

(That's weird. We thought they went on the show looking for love??)

Either way, a lot of the girls give up their jobs, and for some that's as long as three months, to be on the show. And yes, they're living in a giant mansion that covers the cost of hair, make-up, outfits, alcohol and food, but when you compare it to how much Richie is taking home, it all seems a little bit unfair.

That's $10,000 not including his endorsements, in case you were wondering.

It gives new meaning to Keira's nickname "budget Bingle", a name she actually doesn't take any offence too.

"It's not intentional but my hair happens to be the same as her's and I take it as a total compliment," she told SMH.

She's obviously just not earning as much in the house as multi-millionaire Lara Bingle.

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