She's going to be on The Bachelor. And she has an unfair advantage.

Well, it looks like the other Bachelor contestants may as well give up now. Apparently one of the blonde beauties due to appear on this year’s show already has a link to rose-giver, Richie Strahan.

New Weekly reports that Kiera Maguire is actually a close friend of Richie’s cousin, Lisa Clark, AND also to former contestant Lisa Hyde. There’s suggestion that the Lara Bingle-lookalike’s friendship with the two women will give her the inside track on the competition.

See, not only will she be able to gather intel on the blonde Cassanova’s various peccadillos, but also a heads up about what to expect during filming.

Even if Kiera does have an advantage going into the competition, it appears that she won’t be leaving with a ring. Richie has declared to OK! that he won’t be ready to commit to a marriage at the end of the show.

“Engagement is a pretty big deal,” he said. “I don’t just dive into something like that willy-nilly. I need to travel and live with this person first.”

The new Bachie’s close mate and Bachelorette winner, Sasha Mielczarek, thinks that there’s even a chance that Richie won’t hand out a final rose if he doesn’t find a genuine connection with any of the contestants.

“‘I do know Richie won’t settle for anyone or anything, so I think he’ll make conscious decisions based on his core values,” he said.

Listen to everyone’s fave Bachie commentator, Rosie Waterland, discuss the new season…