It's unconventional, but this Bachelor contestant thinks she has the trick to win over Richie.

It’s love at first stare-down.

The latest Bachelor contestant to be revealed has let us in on her tactic for winning Richie Strahan‘s heart.

I’ll give you a clue: It was first used by a Greek woman.

Olena, 23, says the way to make a good first impression is all in the eyes.

“When I’m interested in a guy, I do like to attack with the eyes,” she said.

Source: Screenshot/Network 10.

Cool story bro. We all do that but it's generally sent across a room not 30 centimetres.


Olena explains the short and sweet logic behind the approach.

"First of all, eye connection, is very important," she said.

Source: Screenshot/Network 10.

The 23-year-old goes on to say love is elusive - so elusive it can even hide in "random places" like dating shows televised to millions.

"You never know where you can find love, it can be in random places and this is one of them," she said.

Will our wannabe Medusa turn Richie to stone or trap his heart in all the right ways?

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