Last year's Bachelor contestant Ali is back. With a song.


Remember Alison Outjen?

The “runner-up” in the contest to win last year’s Chiropractor Muscle Bachelor, Tim Robards’ heart?

Well. She’s been working on something real special and she’s just about ready to reveal it.

It’s a song.

It’s a love song.

A song about love written by a woman who competitively dated a man on national television.

Actually, really, who better to write and perform an R&B/pop/dance ballad about heartbreak than a scorned real estate agent with legs for days?

Ever the endearing optimist, Ali has this to say about the single’s chance at pop chart success: “If it is a big flop, well at least I have tried it and I can still continue singing at home.’’

We eagerly anticipate your music debut, Ali. Oh how we’ve missed you.