This year's season of The Bachelor might be the most cursed yet.

Poor Richie. His much-anticipated season of The Bachelor is going from bad to worse, and it hasn’t even hit our TV screens yet.

The latest piece of Bachie drama surrounds the show’s love-filled (for some) final episodes, where Richie is set to jet off to Bali to hand out his final rose.

Video via Channel 10

According to the Daily Telegraph, Richie and his sidekicks production cast and crew were almost stranded in the tropical paradise after arriving without the proper filming permits.

Luckily, the hiccup was fixed, and filming of the final few eps of the 2016 season was able to go ahead, so we will actually get to find out who wins, at some stage in the not-too-distant future.

Unfortunately, the moment The Bachelor almost became an episode of Australian Survivor is just the latest in a long string of dramas for Richie. Here’s the rest:

1. Paparazzi captured the final rose ceremony on camera.

Gulp. Thanks to a clever Tinder trick, a paparazzo was able to find out the location of the show’s finale and snap pictures of the girl who won Richie’s heart. Judging from the backlash over the winner of The Bachelorette being leaked just hours before the show’s finale (no, we’re still not over it), we’re guessing we won’t be seeing the pics released anytime soon. But just knowing they exist isn’t doing Richie any favours in the nerves department.

2. There’s horrible rumours about Richie’s personal hygiene.

Is this The Bachelor or Mean Girls? You’d be forgiven for getting them confused, after a magazine reported that this year’s most eligible chap has, wait for it, terrible body odour. “Insiders” told New Idea that Richie’s nervous sweats were a definite mood killer, with some even expressing their desire to leave the Bachie mansion as a result. Ouch!

Video via Channel 10

3. Goofy Richie has been replaced by a Bond-esque impersonator.

And fans are confused. First promos for the new season showed Richie rather scrubbed up, rocking a suave tuxedo, claiming to work on a macho oil rig and flashing his abs (because it’s not The Bachelor without abs, right?). Where’s the guy who said “cool bananas” every five seconds? Where’s the ‘rope access technician’ we all loved, even though we had NO IDEA WTF that job entailed?

4. Richie loves the ladies… a lot.

Nonetheless, suave Richie seems to have won over a lot of the ladies in the Bachie mansion, with one contestant revealing months back that he had gotten “intimate” with a few of the ladies during their time on the show. Saucy!

Early coast run ⚫️⚪️ #iwasntsmilingafter

A photo posted by Richie Strahan (@richie_strahan) on Feb 8, 2016 at 3:34pm PST

Despite the drama, nothing can save us from eagerly tuning in to see Richie find love. Hopefully the bump road that we’ve already travelled means there’s smooth sailing for his love life ahead.