Bachie Blake is in a stupid new ad.

Blake, ugh.

Capitalising on the infamy of The Bachelor Season Two was never going to be easy for Bachie Blake. The former stripper waiter who left Sam Frost days after proposing to her quickly earned the title of Most Douchiest Douche in Australia.*

*unofficial title

After running away with new love, runner up Louise, Blake has been paddling in calmer WA waters. Until this week and THIS advertisement.

I’m trying to eat breakfast here mate.

I’m sorry WHAT?

Choosing the right model just got easier?

Ladies, cars, whatever. AMIRITE?


Then there’s the television advertisement where he actually says “choosing the right one isn’t easy” and “now it’s time to move on” AND “I’ve got another choice to make and this time I know I’ll make the right one.”

Video via mUmBRELLA


That’s right. Not content to just scuttle off and let Sam have her moment in the upcoming Bachelorette, he’s now in an ad which plays on the infamous dumping, his indecision, and his mediocre rise to fame off the back of smooshing 24 women’s hearts.

We wanted you to find love, Blake. That’s all we ever wanted. And now you turn it into a giant joke. Like, how hilarious.  You can’t make the right decision about women but you CAN make the right one about cars?

I mean they’re all just shiny things that you can take for a ride, right?