Game on: Mamamia's 'Bachelor Bingo' is back.

Bachie Bingo is BACK.

If you have been sucked in to The Bachelorthen this is for you. It’s all the fun of watching one man date numerous women at once, plus friendly competition.

You can choose-your-adventure, folks. Do you want to put money on it? Go for it. Do you want to add drinking? Bring it on. Do you want to involve your children? Do it. (But maybe leave out the betting and the drinking…)

The TAME version:

Choose one horizontal line per player. Cross off each item as it happens. First to cross off all of their squares WINS.

The UNTAME version:

Everyone plays the one sheet and drinks each time something gets crossed off. Warning: There is twenty very likely possibilities. Bachie responsibly, peeps.

Or just make up your own rules. Keep us updated by tagging us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Download a printable PDF version here: Mamamia Bachelor Bingo

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