Here's what goes on inside The Bachelor mansion when the cameras stop rolling.

ICYMI, the new season of The Bachelor is about to start. Get ready for plenty of tears, drama and yes, awkward first date pashes.

But sometimes, the most interesting things happen behind the scenes. What do the girls get up to when they’re not vying for Richie’s heart? What do they drink at those hilariously awkward cocktail parties? And thank goodness we asked, because we finally have some answers.

Watch our first glimpse of the new Bachelor contestants. Post continues after video… 

Video via Channel 10

OK! Magazine has exposed some of the secrets of the Bachelor set, and they are gooooood. Grab some popcorn.

One contestant, Keira, told the mag that each girl was only allowed to bring two suitcases, weighing 20kg, into the mansion.

“Two big suitcases full of clothes,” she said. Which sounds like a lot, but when dates can involve anything from a romantic seaside picnic, to jumping out of a plane, you gotta have enough outfits to be prepared for anything.

Meet the 2016 Bachelor contestants. (Post continues after gallery)

The girls also revealed that they were shut-off’ from the outside world during filming. Their phones were confiscated (because #spoilers) and they weren’t even allowed to answer the doorbell if it rang on their off days.


So, when they ordered pizza on their nights off (which, by the way, they totally did), the poor Pizza Hut delivery kid was left hanging. Ouch.

They’re allowed pizza, but they’re not allowed human contact before they eat it.

It’s no secret there are a lot of drinks downed at every cocktail party, but WHAT IS IN THOSE GLASSES?


Turns out, those hideous totes classy glasses the girls drink from cost $450 a pop, and are filled with your standard selection of champagne, sauvignon blanc and carbernet sauvignon.

Huh, well now we know.