Plenty of people already know who goes home with Richie on The Bachelor.

There are two types of people in the world: Those who love a spoiler, and those who do not.

But even spoiler-loving monsters will agree that the lengths taken to find out who the winner of this years Bachelor is, as Richie himself would say, very un-cool bananas.

Yes, that’s right. There are many, many people out there who know who won The Australian Bachelor before The Bachelor has even begun.

And Rosie Waterland, queen of the Bachie recaps, is not okay with it.

Hear how a horny producer accidentally led the paparazzi to the winner on the latest episode of The Binge:

The finale, which was being filmed in Bali, was apparently infiltrated by paparazzi who snapped pictures of Richie with his chosen one. Channel Ten had gone to great lengths to keep the winner of Richie’s heart under wraps. Even hiring the Indonesian Military to protect the filming. But that wasn’t enough to keep the photographers away.

“Apparently they have photos of the very last moment and it’s being shopped around at the moment, but it’s very unclear when they will be published.” Laura Brodnik said on the latest episode of The Binge.

“I think there probably are people who would want to see the photos, but I personally don’t want to see it,” Rosie said.

We remember our favourite Bachelor moments from 2015. There were too many. (Post continues after video.)

“The show is stupid, it’s silly, it’s a fantasy, it’s a construct. People like making fun of it. It’s a whole experience from start to finish. It’s a very formulated experience that we all go through together, each year. And I just think, knowing who the winner is at the start just ruins the point of it. It takes the fun away. Why wreck it?”

We couldn’t agree more, Rosie.

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Are you a spoiler person or a non spoiler person?