A former The Bachelor producer has spilled the beans on the show's hidden sex rules.


Each year, when Channel 10 and Osher combine almighty powers to bestow the gift of a new Bachelor and 25 slightly unhinged women vying for his heart upon us, there is one question on everyone’s lips:


Surely all those candles, rose petals, half-naked swims and raunchy games of foot golf are bound to put people in the mood, right?

That plus wine. All the wine.

Such romance very sexy.

WELL, former date producer Jana Hocking, in other words the woman previously responsible for whipping out the ruler and enforcing the 10cm rule on single dates, has spilled the beans on how she had to "cock block" contestants on season one of The Bachelor.


It's awks.

“I had to go on the overnight dates, I had to stay with them on the overnight dates and I was the biggest cock blocker ever and I never want to be a cock blocker!” Jana revealed on her podcast High Heels and Hangovers.

None of us do, Jana.

“I literally had to knock on doors and be like, ‘open the door right now'."

Our thoughts exactly.

Just thinking about it is making my palms sweat.

Jana also revealed in the podcast that unlike the US version of The Bachelor, where champagne glasses are bottomless, the Australian contestants weren't allowed to get drunk...Which means it's possible Cat and Shannon were sober when they starting yelling and flailing their arms at each other about literally nothing in last night's episode.
“They monitor your drinking so much that you could never put someone on screen wasted. You’re allowed two drinks per hour legally … so for the rose ceremony it’s someone overseeing the whole program just to make sure we don’t break any laws,” Jana said.

Channel 10 has its heart in the right place with these rules; Jana said the reason producers had to be so attentive with alcohol consumption and single date conduct was to ensure female contestants didn’t sleep with The Bachelor then regret it later.

“What if she gets dumped the next day and turns around and goes, ‘Well hang on a second you all knew, I’ve been made to look like a fool I gave myself to this guy,’ it’s duty of care,” Jana explained.


“Because there are so many people around that know what is going on, you can’t be responsible for it.”

We unpack the funniest moments from the Honey Badger’s latest week in the mansion on our Bach Chat podcast. Post continues after audio. 

Apparently another reason sexing is banned from the mansion is because of Big Brother.

(Not the Orwellian Big Brother, the Channel 10 reality TV show).

“A few things happened on Big Brother that got everyone quite upset, they changed all the filming laws around reality TV in Australia,” Jana said.

Seeing as Jana's revelations are from her work on season one of the show, we still have questions:

Are producers jumping in this season when single dates with the Honey Badger get too steamy?

Does Channel 10 offer trauma counselling to employees?