There's cash to splash on the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

We are gearing up for the next season of The Bachelor Australia and eagerly awaiting every on-set tidbit that comes our way. And judging from the latest details to escape the confines of chez Bach, we can expect this season to be the flashiest yet.

On what was deemed to be a ‘budget Bachelor’ last year, Sam taking Snez on a hot air balloon ride was as highfalutin as it got. And if you thought it was impressive when Sam Frost and Michael Turnbull sipped champagne on the bow of a yacht you’re likely to have your expectations surpassed by the dates Mr rope access technician himself Richie Strahan has in store.

Hey, keeping it (relatively) simple worked out for Sam and Snez. (Image: Screenshot via Channel 10)

Photos have surfaced of Richie taking one potential lady-love on a nine-seat private jet. The Daily Mail reports the aircraft is privately owned by a New South Wales company, and was not the only extravagant form of transport used for wooing purposes. Also at the Bachelor's disposal was a helicopter.

It's not the first time planes, trains and automobiles have been part of the Bachie arsenal. After the comparatively normal dates (read: picnics and walking through fields) of Sam Wood's Bachelor season, Sam Frost kicked things up a notch on the Bachelorette.

Her dates featured helicopter flights, expensive boats and a finale in the picturesque New Zealand countryside. But it seems the upcoming season has taken things up another level. You can expect chartering two private aircraft in one day doesn't come cheap, though we're probably safe to say the funds don't come from Richie's personal bank account.

the bachelor mansion
The new property in Glenorie (Image via Domain/Google Maps)

Along with the flashy toys, the Bachelor mansion has also received an upgrade. The new house takes the form of a $3.8 million property in Glenorie, including extensive grounds, a tennis court and an Olympic sized swimming pool. The Daily Mail report Richie's digs are also worth approximately $4 million.

Some pretty wonderful romances have come out of the old house. Will the new mansion be as lucky? WATCH Sam Wood's proposal to Snezana Markoski... 

DM suggest that the fact studio giant and owner of the show format Warner Brothers have taken over production this year might have something to do with the increased scale.