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The most awkward moment from last night's Bachelor wasn't Brooke's startling exit.

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Awkward: When Bachelor Nick Cummins pulled up in a van and offered Britt ice-cream in exchange for kisses.
Awkward: When Bachelor Nick Cummins revealed that he’s “struggling feelings-wise” with all three finalists.
Awkward: When Bachelor Nick Cummins sat like a stunned Honey Badger when he should have been professing his undying love for Brooke Blurton.
Awkward and sad: When Osher didn’t get to do his one job, which is to be very solemn and tell people it’s time to hug.

But none of those cringe-worthy moments came even vaguely close to being the most awkward of Wednesday night’s episode.

That arrived courtesy of a palette of body paint and nationally televised art fraud.

In case you happened to miss the program (perhaps because you have a healthy disinterest in strangers’ love lives), here’s what happened.

For what turned out to be their final date, The Badgelor decided it would be romantic/intimate to paint half a picture on Brooke’s chest, then have her paint half a picture on his chest, so that they could stand together in a mirror and admire their boobs masterpiece.

The only problem was HE DEFINITELY DIDN’T DO THE PAINTING, and then claimed credit – by omission – for someone else’s work. We hope it was a paid professional, but we suspect a work experience kid who happens to be handy with a paint brush.


At least we saw a few seconds of Brooke having a decent crack at the tree.

Meanwhile, we saw Nick do this:

And this:

Image: Channel 10

Yet somehow, several hours later, after the sun had set, we were presented with this:

Image: Channel 10.

We were waiting for the "here's a Brooke I prepared earlier" disclaimer, but alas it never came.

We're not saying Nick has to be a prodigious artist. I mean, he's already represented his country in Rugby Union and invented his own language (hooroo chitty chitty bang bang, Mr Cummins).

And we know he doesn't choose or plan the dates. (That's clearly Osher's job.)

But we hate to see talent go unrecognised. So let's take a moment to acknowledge whoever is actually responsible for that painting. Bravo, whoever you are. We see you. We see your work.