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We're calling it: All the signs Abbie definitely doesn't win The Bachelor Australia 2019.

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Throughout this season of The Bachelor, there’s one contestant whose name is one everybody’s lips: Abbie Chatfield.

No matter your opinion of the 23-year-old from Brisbane, it’s clear bachelor Matt and maybe… little Matt is pretty keen on her.

Abbie and Matt’s home town date was… a lot. Post continues below video.

Video by Network 10

But… look, no matter how many times we hear Matt say the words “sexual chemistry”, nothing can convince us that Abbie will be the one he chooses on Thursday night.

who wins the bachelor australia 2018
Abbie doesn't win this, don't @ me. Image: Network 10.

We are here to present you with very solid evidence that has us calling it: Abbie does not win The Bachelor.

A premature photo upload.

Ah, Rachael. From causing havoc on screen with her 'plan B', to causing havoc off screen by breaking every damn social media protocol she's probably contractually obligated to follow. We love her.


The former contestant, and one half of the 'dog c***' duo, shared a photo of herself with Abbie on Instagram in June 22, just weeks after the finale filmed and before the series began airing. She has since deleted it.

rachael abbie bachelor
Oops. Image: Instagram.

This doesn't seem like much at first, until you remember contestants are under strict social media lock down and those who are still on the show aren't supposed to be appearing in any non-Bach related content until after their elimination. If Abbie had won, she'd presumably be under even stricter social media rules and be extra cautious about appearing in any posts not approved by Ten.

Mamamia recaps the home town drama on The Bachelor. Post continues below audio.

According to the Daily Mail, Ten rules state contestants are banned from posting any photos in the post production period - after filming and before the season premiere - and are then only allowed to upload pictures provided from Ten until their final scenes have aired on TV.

And then, once they're booted they're not supposed to post anything with other contestants still on the show.

Rachael clearly thinks rules are meant to be broken and honestly, we appreciate it.

"So cringe."

According to the Daily Mail, Abbie's sister shared a video on Instagram from what appears to be a Bachie viewing party, where Abbie was watching the first episode of the season.

In the video, Abbie is seen making a disgusted looking face at the TV screen, adding: "That’s so cringe."


It’s pretty unclear if she was talking about Matt or herself and why she made the face, but the video was soon taken down.

abbie bachelor video
"THAT'S SO CRINGE." Image: Instagram.

Abbie's done her best to debunk this one, and we actually believe her explanation that she was 'cringing' at seeing herself on TV and that Gemini joke because... that is pretty cringe.

But we still think the Bachelor viewing party with her friends, and allowing videos from it to be uploaded to social media, is a telling sign that she isn't the winner.

The thoughts of literally every other contestant.

In interviews with eliminated contestants, Mamamia has consistently asked who they see Matt choosing in the end and honestly, it's too hard to recall everyone who has said Chelsie McLeod. It's easier to just say that not one has named Abbie as who they think will win.

Contestants obviously can't give the game away, but they're the ones with the best inside knowledge and the unanimous support of Chelsie as Matt's best match seems... important.

Betting odds.

The only time betting agencies got the winner of The Bachelor wrong was last year... because the Honey Badger royally screwed it up (Bookmakers have since introduced a 'no winner' category. They're not about to make that mistake again!)

Ahead of this week's episodes, Abbie is standing at a pretty distant second at $5.00, while front runner Chelsie is at just $1.22.

SEE. There is simply no way Abbie wins.

Thankfully, we're only days away from officially seeing Matt pick his winner.

Then we can finally forget about him and start to wonder what contestants are thirsty enough to go on Bachelor In Paradise.

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