We just put our finger on where we’ve seen The Bachelor’s Sophie before.

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With two episodes of The Bachelor down, it’s safe to say that Nick Cummins has a certain attraction for the crowd favourite Sophie Tieman.

The 25-year-old greeted the Honey Badger with a pair of toy boats on the red carpet, and he swiftly made sure he got a moment alone with her in not only the first episode, but the second episode too, where the pair did a solo yoga photo shoot together.

Sparks were flying etc. But there’s one thing we couldn’t help but wonder the entire time: Where did we recognise Sophie Tieman from?

Naturally, we got investigating.

A quick scroll through the Insta feed confirmed that Sophie is one half of the popular influencers “Two Corporate Girls”.


Property valuer Sophie and her business partner, Beckie, specialise in practical corporate fashion and lifestyle.

Basically, they post incredibly chic outfits with a corporate twist.

But it was this realisation that led us to the next important fact: the hint suggesting maybe Sophie wins this whole shebang.

On August 4, The Corporate Girls posted an Instagram announcing that Sophie Tieman had just moved to Sydney.

This seems innocent enough, until you look at the timing. Having moved just a week and a half ago, this is what we can theorise:

  1. Sophie quits property valuing job in Brisbane to find love with Honey Badger on national television.
  2. Sophie finds love with Honey Badger.
  3. Sophie moves to Sydney after show finishes filming to find new job and fulfil eternal love with Honey Badger.

“Look property is bigger and better in Sydney, I specialise in property valuations so why wouldn’t I be based in Sydney?” the 25-year-old told Woman’s Day.

“I’m here with a best friend of mine that’s also moved down,” was her excuse, but we all know the producers told her not to tell anyone.

It doesn’t seem like Sophie is going on the show in a move to promote her social channels.

Firstly, “Two Corporate Girls” already has 59,000 followers.

Secondly, Sophie is framing herself as a property valuer on the show, not as one half of the popular Instagram.

Thirdly, “Two Corporate Girls” hasn’t used The Bachelor or Sophie for any form of extra promotion.

So should we call it: Sophie Tieman wins The Bachelor 2018?

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